10 Reasons Why The Redskins Are Going To The Super Bowl

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IJuly 30, 2009

ASHBURN, VA - JULY 30:  Washington Redskins wide receiver Keith Eloi (#16) catches a pass during drills on opening day of training camp July 30, 2009 in Ashburn, Virginia.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Well, it must be deep in the offseason, because I am positive that this is the year that the Washington Redskins (ya, you heard right) go to the Super Bowl. Crazy talk you say? Maybe. But here's a list of undeniable reasons why the Redskins will be polishing a Lombardi Trophy this February.

1.) The Redskins were already ranked the fourth best defense in the league, but now they got the best available D lineman (Haynesworth), the best available corner (Deangelo Hall), and the best defensive rookie in the draft (Orakpo). This defense that was already good just got younger AND better.

2.) The Redskins are going into the season with the same offensive strategy as they did last year. The last time that happened (10 years ago) the Redskins went to a Division Championship.

3.) Jason Campbell will have the same offensive scheme as he did last year. This has only happened once in Campbell's entire football career, the last time it happened, his team (Auburn) had an undefeated season.

4.) The Redskins actually have a punter, Hunter Smith from the Colts, who can punt more than 10 yards.

5.) Chris Cooley is a beast... what more can I say?

6.) The Redskins drafted the two top WR's in the 2008 draft. Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly are both coming into their second year (usually considered a breakout year for rookie WR's) fully healthy, unlike last year. This will allow Jason to throw deep more, and open up guys like Moss and Cooley.

7.) Clinton Portis has never had a season with less than 1,200 yards (save the season he was hurt) and can be considered the most consistent back in the league.

8.) Jim Zorn is coming into his second year as coach. His first year was spent mainly learning his team and instilling his offense, which took the league by storm midway through the year. This year he can focus soley on developing his team in his West Coast system.

9.) The Redskins have the second easiest schedule in the league, playing many teams in rebuilding stages such as the Lions, Rams, and Chiefs.

10.) Dan Snyder, the Redskins owner, did NOT spend millions of dollars for Brett Favre! Hip Hip! Hooray!

There are many other reasons why the Redskins will go to the Super Bowl. But there is simply not enough time to explain them all. Just remember though, this year IS the year!