The Los Angeles Stars: A Look into the Future

Matt JCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - JULY 26:  Escorted by U.S. marshals, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick leaves the federal courthouse following his arraignment July 26, 2007 in Richmond, Virginia. Vick and three associates were indicted earlier this month on charges related to their alleged role in an interstate dogfighting ring.  (Photo by Haraz N. Ghanbari-Pool/Getty Images)

Los Angeles has wanted a football team for a very long time. Well I say we give them one and make them an NFL expansion team. This year would be a great time for them to be starting up.

They could have there expansion draft, get some past their prime players and then dive into the free agency pool.

Let's just take a look at some of the possibilities that could happen if they would have been allowed to join this year as a team.



Target No. 1: Michael Vick

Think of how great this would be for him. New team, new town, new beginning, and he could help get this team rolling right from the get-go.

Plus he might even get himself a fair contract seeing as how he would be one of their best players. I mean come on, let's not forget after all this is an expansion team.

Target No. 2: Brett Favre

Brett Favre would have already been back and signed a deal if Los Angeles had come knocking. They could tell him that Mike is the starter and all they need him for is to back him up and help them in certain situations.

He wouldn't have to worry about not being able to finish the season and, like Vick, would probably get at least a decent contract.

Target No. 3: J.P. Losman or Rex Grossman

Both struggled a bit with their old teams and are now looking for new homes and places to get restarted. Both would bring something different to the table and are fairly young, but still have enough experience.

They wouldn't be called upon right away, and in fact would only have to be No. 3 on the depth chart. They probably wouldn't even see much of the field unless Vick didn't work out and Favre got hurt.

Maybe not the best starters, but who wouldn't want one of these guys for third stringers?

Running Back

Target No. 1: Edgerrin James

Yes he's old, yes he's past his prime, yes they can do better and they will. But let's be honest, with Mike in the backfield with him, how much will he do anyways? Plus with the other running backs on this depth chart he'll have to share anyways.

He still has some juice in him and would be a great mentor for a new guy coming in from the draft in 2010.

Target No. 2: DeShaun Foster

Had three pretty solid seasons with the Panthers, but never got over 1,000 yards. Well no worries, he won't be asked to be a 1,000 yard rusher. Eight-hundred yards would be just fine for the role he would play.

He's starting to get up in running back age (29), but he definitely still has some productive years left.

Target No. 3: Tatum Bell

Career average of five yards per carry. Not to mention last year his average was 5.7. He was at one point a 1,000 yard rusher, but then got sent to the Lions. He still has a couple of 1,000 yard seasons in him and with Foster and James he wouldn't have to carry the whole load.

Target No. 4: P.J. Daniels

He would simply be added for his size, all the others are fast outside runners. All the other power runners are to far up in age. He wouldn't see the field that much.


Wide Receiver

Target No. 1: Plaxico Burress

Sure he might be suspended from the NFL for a while, but in this case with a new team you definitely have to take a chance on him. He's by far the best receiver that's a free agent and he would help Vick and Favre look good in the passing game.

Some will say he's a troublemaker, but with an expansion team you have to take a chance and hope he can follow the rules. Plus they will have a good amount of money, give him bonuses for being good.  

Target No. 2: D.J. Hackett

He's big at 6'2" and he can spread the field. Would be a great compliment to Burress on the other side of the field. He's still young and this would be a good place for him to get his career going.

Target No. 3: Matt Jones

Want to talk about huge? 6'6" and he can out jump anyone for a ball. You add him to the mix with Burress and Hackett and this receiver core is already scary.

Yes, maybe another troublemaker, but he went to classes and got out of them just fine. He's not really a troublemaker, more of a head case anyways, and just has to pass the drug tests.

Target No. 4: Marvin Harrison

Veteran experience and some one there to help guide Jones and Burress. Just what this team needs, he is a champion and a model of how to act on and off the field. He would definitely help this team and be a leader of it.

He could also always step in and play at times if one of the other three were to get into trouble. He only makes this receiving core that much more scary.


Tight End

Target No. 1: Owen Daniels

Might get him and might not but at least offer him something. He is a restricted free agent, but this team won't be shelling out that much money so they can give him a nice offer.

He would be a great starting TE for any team and would only make this team that much better.

Target No. 2: Bubba Franks

Was really good with the Packers in my opinion and he's comfortable with Favre. It would be a great reunion for them and he's got great veteran experience. Most of the TEs will probably be young so his veteran leadership will be needed.

Target No. 3: Marcus Pollard

He's bounced around from team to team, but this would be a nice place to end his career as a backup. He's a decent blocking and catching TE who is friends with Harrison from his Colts days.


Offensive Line

Guard: James Blair, Jason Fabini, Lennie Friedman, Seth McKinney, Terrence Metcalf, Chris Naeole, Grey Ruegamer, Charles Spencer

All eight of them would probably be signed at least at the beginning. They are the only guards available and having four deep on both sides would not hurt any.

Tackle: Jason Whittle, Marc Colombo, Damane Duckett, Wayne Gandy, Kwame Harris, Jonas Jennings, Levi Jones, Patrick McCoy

Four deep at tackle and guard can only be a very good thing for this team. Lots of difference between these guys. There experience ranges all the way from rookie to 16 seasons or something.

Center: Tom Nalen, Brennen Carvalho, Melvin Fowler

Tom would have the veteran experience and he could help develop Brennen who's only going into his third season.


Defensive Line

Defensive End: Vonnie Holliday, Orpheus Roye, James Wyche, Jerome McDougle, Corey Mace, Brian Johnston

Vonnie, Orpheus, and Jerome would all bring veteran experience and two championships between the three of them. Both Jerome and Orpheus have played for the two best defenses and could really help the young guys.

James, Corey, and Brian are all young and needing help. The veteran leadership and push of the other three veterans would help them improve and become better players.

Defensive Tackle: James Reed, Kenny Smith, Ellis Wyms, Kenderick Allen

Wyms and Allen both come from the Vikings and have played together before which helps. James has loads of experience and veteran leadership. This line will probably be a little old, but don't overlook them they have some great talent.


Outside Linebacker

Targets: Derrick Brooks, Willie McGinest, Marcus Washington, Pierre Woods, Rufus Alexander, Junior Seau

Brooks, McGinest, and Washington all at one time were considered the best at what they did. Now past there prime, they won't be every down linebackers but they will contribute, especially Washington. 

Woods has some great experience from playing with the Patriots and would do fine in a starting role. Alexander is young and wouldn't be quite ready but with the guidance of the first three he would really come along.

Washington and Woods would most likely be the starters.


Middle Linebacker

Targets: Napoleon Harris, Derek Smith, Nate Webster, Matt Wilhelm, Rosevelt Colvin

Harris would probably be the starter of the group, with Webster seeing significant playing time. Smith has veteran experience and Wilhelm has youth and experience.

Defensive Back

Targets: Ty Law, Chris McAlister, Ricky Manning, Patrick Surtain, Tyron Poole, Adam "pacman" Jones

Had to make sure to highlight Pacman. This team would thrive with him at the CB position and being the return man. Him and Ricky would probably be the starters.

Ty Law, McAlister, Surtain, and Poole were all once great and if not forced to play a lot would really help. Especially at the safety position where they could be moved if needed.

Pacman is another one of those troublemakers, but as long as he stays under control(it would be hard I know.) then they are set. There is no other player available near his talent level.

Safety: Will Demps, Lawyer Milloy, Will Allen

A weak position on the team. Lawyer was a beast in his prime, but he's way past that now. Demps and Allen are decent, but some of the cornerbacks like McAlister or Surtain might need to be moved back here to help out.

Kicker: Matt Stover

He's old but he can still get it done for them.

Punter: Zac Atterberry

Was a rookie last year and was cut by a team that already had a punter. Nothing special but he gets the job done and he's young so there's room to improve and he can stick around a long time.

Return Man: Pacman Jones, Dante Hall

Pacman is one of the best returners in the league when behaving. Hall is the one who had the four TD returns in one season and was a beast for a while. He'll do for now.


Offensive Scheme

West Coast Offense, with loads of Option plays and maybe some Wildcat to highlight Michael Vick


Defensive Scheme

3-4: The linebackers are the best part of the defense in my opinion even though most of it is old. The 3-4 would work the best because that's what the majority are used to anyways.


Projected Record

7-9 which is not too bad for a new team, with all new players. You can't forget that besides the players they get out of free agency, they also have the expansion draft.


2010 draft choice

Having a 7-9 record puts them at the projected 10th spot so we'll just say that's where they are.

Round One: Adam Ulatoski, OT, Texas

Round Two: Darrell Stuckey, S, Kansas

Round Three: Will Barker, OT, Virginia

Round Four: Dan Williams, DT, Tennesee

Round Five: Steve Brown, LB, Michigan

Round Six: Austin Spitler, LB, Ohio State

Round Seven: Jake Seitz, C, UAB




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