David Ortiz Linked To Steroids: I Saw It Coming

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

All I have to say is, I called it.

Back in May after the Manny Ramirez bombshell, there was a lot of speculation towards his best friend, David Ortiz while they were both teammates on the Boston Red Sox from 2003-2008.
Ortiz was in amidst of his worst slump of his major league career and did not hit a home run until May 20
It was safe to start thinking, "what if Ortiz was taking roids too?" which brought me to write, "What if Papi's juicing...?" back on May 8 (before he hit the home run). 
The post got 111 reads on Yardbarker, but there wasn't much discussion about it. This was also way before I joined, The Bleacher Report.
Today, July 30, 2009 Red Sox fans worst fears came true as it wasn't speculation anymore, but a true fact.
So what is everyone feeling?
Shocked? Surprised? Mortified? Upset? Disappointed? Saddened? Hurt? 
All of the above?
Unfortunately this is not a surprise and the beloved Big Papi will never be looked at as the same player again in Boston or anywhere else.
Amy Nelson of ESPN spoke to former Minnesota Twins teammate Torii Hunter and posted on her Twitter page, "Just got off the phone with Torii Hunter...he said he was "shocked" about Ortiz, and that "this hurts, this really hurts...". There are more quotes from Hunter in the full story.
Red Sox fans may have to start getting used to Ortiz being known as "Big Sloppy" and "Big Poppy."
The most disappointing aspect? Ortiz's commented back in spring training.
Via Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe: 
Ortiz in Feb: "I know that if I test positive for using any substance, I know that I'm going to disrespect my family the game, the fans."
Here's some more commentary from Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy.

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