Could Brock Lesnar Possibly Defeat Fedor Emilianenko?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 29, 2009

On one hand, there is the actual legendary Russian fighter who is known by his first name: Fedor.

The other hand holds a former WWE Champion, who is now Dana White's UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World (typed Grandma while choking).

Could newcomer Brock Lesnar, the former "professional" wrestler, even qualify to tie Fedor's shoes, let alone hope to pull off a win against an actual legend of the sport of MMA?

Naturally, I do not think so.

Regardless of what anyone tells me, I have seen Fedor handle "giants" in the ring before, and I pity Brock and Dana White for their delusions of grandeur in thinking that this result could ever be possible.

After many years as the reigning Sambo Champion of his native Russia, using the most rudimentary training methods available to fighters today, Fedor finished only once as the third place winner after being considered as being untouchable.

Lesnar's reign was much shorter in the WWE and will be notoriously brief in the UFC.

Touted as a natural MMA fighter, Lesnar did have a respectable run as a champion wrestler in college, which has been considered to be a springboard to becoming a champ in the UFC. Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell are other examples of this.

Lesnar has had a year and a half, approximately, of actual BJJ and other forms of MMA fighting. In spite of having fists the size of Texas, Lesnar has not knocked anyone out yet.

A fact I find most curious for a man his size.

His submission skills have escaped my notice, if I ever have seen him attempt to use one. I remember seeing him submitted though, in his first meeting with Frank Mir.

As with anyone who has become a champion after only five fights, there is little evidence of Lesnar's actual style or skills.

Lots of evidence of his cocky overconfidence exists, however, and fans and foes alike have seen him froth at the mouth and go to great lengths to dishonor his opponents and even UFC sponsors in his post fight shenanigans.

The attitude of a champion has totally passed Mr. Lesnar by. Not even Miss Manners could rehabilitate this man, although Dana White has certainly tried his best efforts to do so after UFC 100.

Fedor is calm and very humble after his fights, some of which were so brief that he barely broke a sweat. He is worthy of being a world champion. Honorable men such as Fedor, at least in sports, are in very short supply.

In my opinion, Fedor is not going to fall prey to the Brock hype. He will beat Brock as quickly and completely as my dog Misty demolishes her milk bones. If he joins the UFC, he will probably retire as an undefeated Heavyweight Champion.

Fedor is the man.

Dana and the Fertitta brothers would be wise to start placing big bets on him.