Derrick Burgess Holding Out and Two Oakland Raiders Players Waived

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

We've all heard the rumors. We've written the articles. Derrick Burgess is going to get traded.

The one thing that was never brought up was this:

Burgess is officially a hold out.

This coming from David White's Twitter Page. 

We know New England has been offering the Raiders crumbs for Burgess to try and duplicate the Randy Moss trade, but the Raiders aren't having it.

Prior to this happening, rumors were out there about Burgess for a second- or third-round pick to New England. With a hold out and less value, not likely.

There was a slim possibility that with a strong and healthy year, that Al Davis might offer Burgess a contract to stay. I guess Burgess doesn't want that or his last year in a Raiders’ uniform.

What will the Raiders do? How will they handle this? I'm sure more information will leak out during the week.

Trevor Scott's goal of starting on the RDE spot along with gathering double-digit sacks seems very, very likely.

The two other men released today are Arman Shields and Tony Southwick. Shields was a speedy guy who we were able to draft last year in the fifth round that never made it on to the field. We all had high hopes for him but never saw him play. Good luck to Arman.