Mark Ortmann, Michigan Lineman, Defends Rich Rodriguez and Wolverines Program

Matt JCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

Mark Ortmann has done everything asked of him.

He has played at almost every possible lineman position and started 12 career games; not to mention he has come in from off the bench in many contests early in his career. 

When people say team player, this kid's name and face come to mind. He's everything the Michigan coaches thought he would be and will be a huge contributor this year. He hardly ever speaks out or talks about anyone. 

This year at the Big Ten media day, though, Ortmann had a lot to say. He defended the University of Michigan's program and said he was hurt by the comments made by his former teammates. 

In the last two years, three offensive linemen have left the Wolverines. Two of them, on their way out, decided to take some shots at coach Rich Rodriguez and the program.

Ortmann seems to have had enough. 

"It's hurtful in the fact that he isn't telling the truth," Ortmann said. "For him to come out and question, go along with the whole [Justin] Boren thing, [Kurt] Wermers didn't even play for coach [Lloyd] Carr. So for him to say that it isn't anything like coach Carr's program, it's not fair. He doesn't know what it was like.

"For him to come out and make accusations that aren't true isn't fair to the team or coaching staff," Ortmann added. 

Ortmann feels the three left for the wrong reasons and lied about their reasoning. He said they are making false accusations, and he guaranteed that, yes, family values are still intact at the University of Michigan. 

Ortmann is a true Michigan man and lineman. I am glad we have him as part of our team, and I'm sure the line will be just fine without the accusers and liars. 

After Ortmann was done and RR came back to talk, they asked him what he thought of the situation, and he said he's just worried about the players he has, adding he made some mistakes in the first recruiting class.