Motor Mouth Terrell Owens Takes up for conVick!!

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2009

Motor mouth Bills WR Terrell Owens is at it again! This time he went on ESPN to criticize NFL commissioner Roger Goodell! ”The commissioner needs to 2 go sit in jail for suspending Vick” said the arrogant T.O. WRONG ANSWER!! The commissioner needs to suspend T.O. That’s the only thing he hasn’t done correctly, I believe! If Goodell wants to be respected, then I think he needs to step up and suspend T.O.!

Terrell Owens has been thinking he is Steven Seagal and “Above the Law”, but reality needs to set in for this declining football star. In Buffalo, T.O. will soon realize the team has nothing more than a mediocore QB. Plus with his reality show, the Titanic lifestyle and untouchable athlete, this ship is finally about to sink. Put on your life jacket T.O. Things are about to hit the water!

Just the fact that T.O. supports conVick is enough to make me puke! Maybe these 2 should step into a dog kennel and fight it out. The last thing conVick needs is to have a athlete who is known for temper tantrums to be supporting him. In all out truth, the word around the NFL is Vick could be suiting up for the Bills this season. This is more than likely why T.O. is defending him. These 2 unpopular athletes may become a duo this season.

But even with Michael Vick and T.O., the Bills will never compete in their division this season. Just the fact that Tom Brady returns to the Patriots is enough to reasons for Bills fans that there season is over before it even starts! Plus with Rex Ryan coaching the Jets and the Bart Scott, and Jim Leonard addition, is there really any hope in Buffalo?

T.O. promised to be on his best behavior! But this is the reason he is no longer in San Fran, Philly, and Dallas. 3 strikes and your out. Apparently the Bills must not be keeping track of this out-of-control WR! To me, Owens and Vick could have both been future NFL Hall of Famers, but immaturity ruined their football careers. Just the fact that these 2 likely will be joining forces this season, is bad enough. The circus is coming to town. The Ringling Brothers have nothing on the Bills clowns this year…the only thing left to wonder is who will be the RingLeader…T.O. or conVick?

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