Detroit Lions: Is Pacman Jones The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

Matt JCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

The Detroit Lions have had a rather spectacular offseason in my humble opinion by adding some much-needed help on the defensive side, with the likes of players like Foote, Peterson, and Buchanon. 

The Lions also had solid additions of Fonoti, Jansen, Barton for the offensive line. Not to mention their draft was much better than expected, providing them with some much-needed help.

Things have gone really well for them so far and there's not much left that they need to piece together to become a very good team. However, they are still rebuilding and it would take a miracle for them to make the playoffs. However, they are moving in the right direction and not much is missing. 

Their coach has, so far, seemed to be a great one and is really pushing them in the direction they need to be going if they want to be real playoff contenders. 

They are nearly a complete team with reasonable depth at every position, which is something they haven't been able to say for a long time. However, there may be one or two things that are still missing for the Lions.

Adam "Pacman" Jones and Michael Vick may be two players that could help out the Lions. However, I'm not here to discuss Vick and why he would help the Lions. If you want to read a good article on that then click this link: 

This is something I found a while back when looking for some stuff about Pacman maybe coming to Detroit, to see if anyone else was crazy as me for thinking it.

Well, I guess there's at least a few people who think like me and this guy thought up some humorous pros and cons I would like to share just a few though.

Con: You can be sure Pacman will ultimately find himself in some sort of trouble. Likely damn big. It’s what he does.

Pro: The porn ’stached goon himself, Matt Millen, once said, “Every team needs a rat.” Well, Pacman would fit the rat bill to a T.

Con: He’s Pacman Jones.
Pro: Which makes him better than any defensive back on the Lions’ roster.

The thing is, the second fact is rather true. The Lions have upgraded there but to be honest, this kid is a beast and would definitely improve our secondary a lot. Some say his stats went down in Dallas, but he only played nine games. 

Had he played all the games in Dallas, his stats would of been almost as good as his best year with the Titans. This is pretty good considering he was off for a year and performed better than most, if not all, our cornerbacks.

A while back, when Pacman was still a Titan and got in all that trouble, the Lions thought about trying to trade and get him. However, they didn't want to get rid of anyone that might have good potential and waste it on someone who would be suspended. 

Now, they don't have to worry about losing someone because he is a free agent. All they would need to do is sign him, let him workout and come to camp. If he doesn't work out or fit, then the Lions can cut him from the roster. 

Why can't we sign him to the league minimum and give him some rewards or bonuses in his contract if he has good behavior? Weight and workout clauses worked for Culpepper. So why wouldn't good behavior clauses workout for Pacman?

Our new head coach had to put up with him before in Tennessee and at least he lasted a few years there. To be honest, I think he has learned some from his mistakes.

Why not at least just give him a shot? What's the worst that can happen, we have to cut him and we go 0-16? Oh wait, that wouldn't be any worse than last year.