Quick Fix for Brandon Marshall and the Broncos

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Quick Fix for Brandon Marshall and the Broncos
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Pay the man.

During the past two seasons, only Wes Welker has caught more passes than Brandon Marshall. In that same span, 165 wide receivers around the NFL have been paid more than the Broncos' Pro-Bowler. 

In fact, fellow Bronco Teammate Eddie Royal, a rookie last season, has cashed in more of Pat Bowlen's money in one year, than Marshall has since 2006. 

Even more shocking: out of the eight receivers on Denver's pay roll last year, six of them made more than their superstar teammate. The other one, Glenn Martinez, made the same as Marshall.

Now, I already know the argument against paying Marshall: if Denver bends and pays him, what kind of message does it send other players about holding out?

In response to this question, I ask another.

What type of message is sent to players around the league when Marshall dominates for two straight seasons and Pat Bowlen refuses to pay him?

Personally, it tells me that no matter how well I play, or how hard I work for the Denver Broncos, my efforts will not be paid off... at least not until my original contract is fulfilled.

Almost anywhere you work, your pay directly correlates with your performance on the job; Working for the Denver Broncos on he other hand, is a completely different story.

Marshall has played his heart out for the Broncos. He went from fourth round pick to the most voted wide receiver on the AFC Pro Bowl team. Pay the guy what he's worth on the field and build  clauses into the contract to protect the team, and Pat Bowlen's bank account, should the legal troubles continue.

Having Brandon Marshall on the field is paramount to the Broncos success.

Pay him like he matters to the team.  

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