GBN: Say Hello To The Newest Raptor Radoslav Nesterovic

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GBN: Say Hello To The Newest Raptor Radoslav Nesterovic

While you can get excited this is not the el chupa kabra GBN it is simply the fourth edition. you can expect the mega GBN where I calobarate with mike coming sometime early next week.

Don't blame me mike is holding it up. If you want it earlier tell him to get writing.

Yes, it's true Rasho and Bryan Colangelo in principle have agreed to a 1.9 million dollar, 1 year contract. Which is the exact length and amount I said it should be. That scratches out one of two vacant roster spots and the Raptors Bi-Annual exception.

One down one to go or maybe not. Bryan Colangelo has said in the past he may not spend all the money he can use. I believe he should and he will to fill the one remaining roster spot.

But, my spider sense says this may not be for a while and if you are speaking officially nobody has been signed and we still have two vacant roster spots. But, were speaking unofficially and we're all excited about the 7 foot slovenian coming back.

With a front court of Rasho, Bosh, Barney, Evans, POB(i made an acrostic poem for patrick it's Poo On Bricks)are suited up front and ready to go. Which unless Pops Mensah-Bonsu is a actually working real hard on becoming a SF his already slim chances of returning to the ACC as a Raptor are none.

Negotiations that have been going on with another former raptor Carlos Delfino since July 1st continue. No, word on whether they are any closer to retaining the argentinian. But, he now gets his wish of being the #1 target on the raptors free agency list.

So, I don't see why he won't have signed by August 7th just to throw an exact date at you guys. Every time a siging or trade has been done i have read that Bryan Colangelo is spending some time with the family and taking a vacation after all the hard work.

But, hear we are again hearing he's locked up Rasho and negotiating with Carlos. Does the Man ever stop. They should replace Sidney Crosby with Bryan Colangelo on the gatorade commercial. I can see it now "because... Colangelo Never Stops" Rolling on my Carpet Laughing.

Seriously, though Bryan spend some quality time with the Family sit down and have a beer. Go out for Dinner and treat yourself to a big, fat, juicy steak. You deserve it we all praise you for your efforts. No sarcasm involved.

Moving to the vacant roster spot let's cover who should be looked at if ultimately Delfino goes back to being pampered like a baby in Russia.

2. Linas Kleiza  

If we can manage to muster up enough cash to get him. He would be a good fit and will only improve the team. If you don't know much about this guy he is a restricted FA for the Denver Nuggets and the Raptors are interested in his services and he is also interested in the Raptors.

Unfortunately, I don't think we will be able to muster up enough to get him from the grasps of the Nuggets unless we trade for him or get rid of that nasty contract of Marcus Banks. His current salary is $1,824,493 so he is relatively cheap and could be acquired in a trade. But, unless Denver is interested in a sign and trade for Joey Graham or we could do one of the trades I mentioned here:

to give us some cap space he is out of the question, unless bryan is willing to go into luxury tax.

Here's his draft express profile followed by two youtube videos of him to intrigue some of you's.

3. Rob Kurz

While I don't know much about the man.He is an unrestricted free agent and the Raptors could acquire him with the $900,000 left of their MLE and still have a few hundred thousand dollars left of it.

His contract comes in at $442,110, his 08-09 stats are 3.9 PPG, 2 RPG, and .5 APG in 11.1 MPG  for the Golden State Warriors. For 500 grand that's not too bad and even if we get delfino or Kleiza I would still consider bringing this guy in as a back up or third string SF and maybe test him out at SG. Ofcourse, to free up a roster spot for him a trade or something would need to be done.  

4.Brent Petway

The reason I put brent here is because he had a good SL performance, he's going to be the cheapest of the cheap. He would probably instantly become a fan favourite because of his explosiveness around the rim. The raptors should really consider him if they think he's worth it.

5. Pops Mensah-Bonsu

I needn't say why. But, I have a message for Pops: It's in your Best Interest to get working on your SF game if you want the best percentage of returning as a raptor.

6. Any One Who Falls Through The Cracks Or Went Undrafted This Year

I'll give a list: Dionte Christmas,Alex Acker, Steve Novak, Rodney Carney to name a few. I'm sure there are quite a few more out there.

I think in the end whats best for the raptors and who they well get is Delfino. But, if they don't the third to 6th options have a better chance of happening then getting Kleiza.

Well, their you have it the fourth edition of the GBN. Goodbye, from the Hammer, Ontario.  

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