Could There Be Another Trade?

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Could There Be Another Trade?

Well, I'm basing this on nothing that relevent. Bryan Colangelo never introduced Antoine Wright nor Devean George. But, he has said that he plans on keeping Wright because he is added toughness and defense.

After, talks with Rick Carlsile who said that Wright was probably the toughest player on the Dallas team and was the best perimeter defender(yes, that means better than josh howard). He also talked with Triano who says he wants Wright on the team. So, that's music to raptors staff and fans.

So, Antoine Wright is a lock here in Toronto. But, Bryan has not even mentioned Devean George. So, i'm thinking he doesn't plan on keeping him and try's to get rid of him and another guy or two.

I was also watching The Score television network and the guy was talking about the acquisition of Jarrett Jack. He went on to say that it's been a busy summer for Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors as they've not only acquired Jarrett Jack.

But, also have acquired Hedo Turkoglu and Antoine Wright. He never mentioned George either. Neither did he say Reggie Evans, but, that was like one and a half months ago. So, I would expect he just meant recent acquisitions. 

Man, I've tried to stay on the positive side of Banks being here because I kind of felt sorry for him. But, not anymore after ignorantly refusing to play in the summer league. I think that did Bryan Colangelo in too.

But, it's almost impossible to trade Banks without an all-star or really good player thrown in there(example: Phoenix trades banks with Marion, and Miami does the same thing to Toronto). If you can pull off trading Banks without trading an all-star. It's going to have to be for some young guys with a good possible upside.

I'm thinking we should just totally buy out Banks' contract and he can get the hell out of our faces or he could step up his game and actually be significant on the court. But, I don't see the second option happening.

So, If we can't package Banks and George together without trading Chris Bosh or something ridiculous like that. We could package George and Roko together what we would get in return it wouldn't really matter if we didn't even get anyone. But, a draft pick and some cash.

We could just chase after another FA we would have to go cheap and who better than your favourite Pops Mensah-Bonsu. He's an energy guy off the bench is apparently working on being a Shooting Forward.

Plus, his tweets are hilarious example: "I was walking downtown yesterday, saw a girl wearin skinny jeans...that's it." Need i say more? No.

Who else we could package would be Douby. Every team saw his SL performance and are probably a little bit intrigued than they once were.

Now this is all conspiracy. So, don't get too excited. But, if the GM hasn't even mentioned your name their is a definite higher chancer you'll be traded.

Let the Fun Begin again!    

P.S. Expect a very good GBN coming up and by very good, i mean very, very good.

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