AFC West Foes Will Always Be Beneath the Oakland Raiders

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AFC West Foes Will Always Be Beneath the Oakland Raiders
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Yes you read the title of the article correctly. This is a call out shot to all our foes who arrogantly speak as if their franchise is above the Raiders.

These blogs and NFL forums are filled with constant bashing of Al Davis and the Raiders. Mainly it comes from jealous ingrate SD,KC or Denver fans. The nerve of losers to actually open their lips to utter any negative spew on anything having to do with the Raiders.

Let's start off with the mountain mules from Denver shall we? The Raiders own Denver period. The Broncos use to get ran by Oakland all day and all night. What does that have to do with today? A lot. Still to this day you are way behind in the head to head count. We owe your Mr. ED-look-alike Hall of Fame QB.

The record in Denver is a winning one. Can you say the same for yourselves in Oakland? Spare me the we have owned you since 1995 talk. Shannhan is gone, thanks to us, and the Raiders have really been better than Denver even in the disaster that is the 2006 season.

Have fun this year when the Raiders sweep Denver. Don't be shocked if we clinch our playoff berth in your house. Did I forget to mention you guys cheated from 1996 to 1998? Cheaters!

Kansas City and Oakland have the best rivalry in the AFC. These teams hate each other and the games are always tightly contested. But what the hell can a chief fan say? Your franchise hasn't won a damn thing since Woodstock.

Okay, you own the head to head series, but explain the number playoff wins you have had since the merger. How come the AFC title trophy is named after Lamar Hunt and your team has never won it? My team has many times so back up and chill. Enjoy the broom fest in 2009. Cassell is going to wish Brady didn't get hurt last year when we get a hold of his overrated behind.

Charger fans make me sick. I'm going to honest. What the hell has the city of San Diego ever won? Why is Merriroids and Phillip "hick" Rivers so damn cocky without a ring to validate them? LaDainian Tomlinson is a hall of famer for sure and a for sure bet to never see a Super Bowl.

The Chargers have been beating the Raiders since the end of 2003 with nothing to show for it. It will take 10 more years of sweeping the Raiders to catch up in the head to head battle. Your stadium gets overtaken every year by opposing fans. I feel bad for the LA faction who has to put up with Charger coverage.

The aura of the Chargers is a joke. That is why a Raider like myself walks into Junior Seau's with a silver and black gear sported with the woman on my silver and black line. Go win a title and then you may be allowed to talk. Cheat like Denver did. Oh yeah you did cheat in the early '60s since you were the first 'roided team in NFL history.

Bow down and prepare to be swept by Oakland. Tom Cable has indicated who will run the west from now on. Our rightful place as kings of the NFL will be established very soon and it makes you sick. Well get all the meds you can because there will be no cure starting with San Diego September 14.

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