Private Eyes Are Watching You Vick

Fred OliverContributor IJuly 24, 2009

22 Jan 1997: A greeter stands in front of a strippers club on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Lousiana in preparation for Super Bowl XXXI between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. The Packers won the game, 35-21.

I first want to say that I am a Michael Vick supporter.  I have written a couple of articles supporting him having the right to a second chance. 

I don't think it is right that you have President's, Gouvenors, Mayors, Musicians, Actors and Actresses all have the opportunity to redeem themselves when paparazzi can catch them in their lowest private moments, or maybe a friend or enemy catches them in an uncompromising position and decides to release tapes or photos for money, in some cases family intervention into a rehab house. 

Hey what ever the circumstance may be AMERICA has a long history of people who are high society that have fallen short or been weak to some pet sin and regaining that public trust and rising above the scruiteny.  Sometime they make a comeback 3, 4, 5, 6 times and America will forgive and forget.

Well I can't do it this time if the allegations that are floating out there are true.   I can not sit here write about morals and values for our children like I did in this article and then turn a blind eye to this very very very current and latest with Michael Vick,178262.

I don't give a rat you know what about TRADITION.  Dam it Mike you on your own participated and funded an operation that in your small mind was innocent and not hurtfull to anyone.  You considered it entertainment since you were 8 years old when you said you were first introduced into it.

You serve almost 2 years in jail, lost everything that you accumulated, brought down shame and scandal upon your family, and the NFL.  You hurt the image of the Atlanta Falcons, and basically was a one man wrecking crew in destroying the Falcons season.

If it is found out that you willingly went to a strip club, a FREAKING STRIP CLUB!  You choose on your first  night that is your sorry answer to rebuilding the TRUST back with Roger Goodell after lying to that man's face multiple times when he asked you to come clean.  IF this is how you repay all your last remaing fans on this site and numerous others that constantly been preaching FORGIVENESS and REDEMPTION and you went out to see tail feathers.  Then if proven you have made the first illogical choice of your comeback you deserve to be banned for life from the NFL. Come on Mike have you not been home and watched the outside the lines report with Pac Man Jones and the full details of the video taped released.

If I am a creditor that is still owed money by you, and find out you paid your way in to a strip club, I am at the courthouse right now trying to get paid in full.  Forget what was previously negotiated, you found the time on your first night of freedom to be out watching others making it rain, I guess because supposedly you have no money RIGHT?  Well as a creditor I would come and take what little you have now since it means so little to you.

Now I know it has been reported that Vick is denying these accusations.  Rightfully so he should.  This should be a STERN reminder to him if all this turns out to be hurtfull rumours.  He is under a huge microscope and people do not want to see you back on the gridiron, don't let your guard down for one little minute.  Do not think that all will be over and forgotten in 3 to four months.  This is your bed and you have to endure the fact that sometime that bed is uncomfortable and hard. That bed bugs will come out and bite from time to time.  That pillow is gonna leave a cramp in your neck.  Hey it is your bed you made now lie in it.

Know this Michael Vick, like the Geico Commercial with the stack of money with the big protruding eyes starring at you.  At all times you should feel like someone is watching YOU!