Time To Clean Up Our Locker Rooms

Fred OliverContributor IJuly 17, 2009

PITTSBURGH - NOVEMBER 05:  Steve McNair #9 of the Baltimore Ravens is sacked by James Harrison #92 of the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 5, 2007 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

This is one of the HARDEST articles that I have written so far.  This is a touchy subject to a lot of men, and a lot of men could care less about the results of inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex. 

I think Gentlemen we should start rethinking, retooling, and renewing our habits, perceptions, and thoughts when it comes to the affairs of the heart and other women who are NOT our primary and immediate responsibility or concern.

The unfortunate death of Steve McNair situation spreads a light a BIG one on how we as men need to prepare and RAISE our young men for public and private life.  Re-examine what values are we teaching our boys during Junior / High School and College?  How are we treating our sons Mothers?  Do we show that love care and admiration for our significant others so that our sons can emulate what they see?

Violence of passion in movies, music, and sports as well as in our childrens schools and neighborhoods affects all of us men that raise boys and more importantly to us men that are raising girls.  Cause either side of the coin male or female as men as parents, as a FATHER we don't want to get a call or hear on the news of our child being remotely involved in a twisted situation as complicated, and disturbing and become a victim like Steve McNair.

Man he was great on the field and we all know it.  I personally remember the game against the Giants and how beaten, battered and brusied (seperated shoulder) he was and it really looked like the Giants were gonna win that game and McNair single handed keep running that ball into the heart of the Giants defense scrambling FORWARD, not to the sideline no QB slide, moving forward getting those first downs then the audible for the QB sneak that we all knew was coming but the Giants failed to stop it.  What a wonderful memory of him and also in the Superbowl on the last drive his hands on his head as a pass he threw for a completion came up 1 yard short of the goal line.

Gentlemen, it is time to clean up our locker rooms.  Time to revamp our way of thinking when raising our sons in how to treat girls, young ladies, and women.  No matter what stage of life our sons are at we have to be diligent that we explain the emotional roller coaster of pre-marital sex and all the complications that it leads too.  We need to sit down with our sons and have a real frank talk about the endless possibilities of committing to any girl, young lady , or woman and what is EXPECTED of our sons if they so desire to committ themselves into a relationship so early.  We as men, husbands, fathers need to look at ourselves and what we are doing in front of our sons and daughters, are we showing them a loving adoring husband respectful in honoring their Mother so they can see it.  Are we also honoring and respecting our children by acting accordingly when they are not around and can't see us.  There is a say that "What ever is done in darkness in time shall be revealed unto the light.".  It is important for Fathers that are raising little girls, young ladies that your daughter see's how you treat her Mother as she will form a basis as to how she will expect to be treated by the eventually man of her choosing.

Search yourself today look inside your locker room check the shower stall, check on top of your locker and behind it.  Revaluate what is in the linen closet and medicine cabinet.  Make sure you have items that are decent and in order in case you get called away.  You don't want to leave anything in the locker room that might bring shame to your loved ones who remain behind to pack up your stuff.  Think on that.  Think about those 4 McNair boys that are left behind and what is going thru their minds about their Dad and who they THOUGHT he was.  Then think if you were the Father of the young lady, your little girl so young and vibrant just 20 years old being weighed down in a complex relationship, to even contemplate taking her life and somone else's cause she felt she had no other way out.

What is in your LOCKER ROOM?  Do you have some cleaning to do?  Is it time to start throwing our some things in your locker room that you know you don't really need or have to have?  Is it possible there are some items in your medicine cabinet that are not really good for your health that you should not be taking, maybe expired but you still holding on too?  Maybe it is time to get rid of those old played out worn towels that you just grab wash dry and put away for a rainy day now and again, sometimes 1 set of towels is all you need, not a half dozen (catch my drift).  I mean all towels do the same thing, dry you and get the water off.  Don't make no difference what color they are, where they are made, what materials they come from a towel is a towel.  Clean your showers and stalls.  Make sure there is no mildew or stains that might leave unbearable residue or scars on walls and floors.  Sometimes those stains and scars can penatrate so hard you can never make them dissappear no matter how hard you try.

Good Bye Steve my memories of you on the field are still fresh and wonderful in my mind. 

This memory of you leaving too soon shall not be in vain as I am attempting to restructure my life now to leave a respectable Name, and Legacy to my 2 sons.

God Bless.