NFL Will Owe Michael Vick an Apology If It Re-Admits Donte Stallworth First

Richard ZowieCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2009

Dog fighting is morally reprehensible, and those who take part in such events are sick and need help. Anyone who trains a dog to fight other dogs and kills such a dog if it's not doing a good enough job of killing other dogs is truly a sick person.

But, so is anyone who would drink, drive, and kill someone.

I know that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (which I prefer to call People Eager for Tons of Attention) would love nothing more than to see disgraced NFL quarterback Michael Vick, drawn and quartered and banned from playing professional football ever again.

And while PETA's an attention hog that focuses on ambulance chasing (evidenced by their ads that eating meat causes impotence), their outrage against Vick is justified.

But I wonder if the NFL will incorporate a double standard.

You remember, right? Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth got liquored up, drove, and killed a pedestrian. He settled with the family and then received a whopping 30 days in jail. Vick served 17 months in prison (and will reportedly avoid more time with good behavior).

What a country!

Only in America can you get 30 days in jail for killing another human being through the irresponsible act of drinking and driving and yet spend more than a year in prison for gross animal cruelty.

Animals have rights (such as the right not to be treated cruelly), but what about drunk driving victims?

Mr. Roger Goodell, if you're reading this, you will demonstrate something is horribly wrong with the NFL if you allow Stallworth to play football again before Vick.

For more information on drunk driving and the victims it leaves behind, check out this site.