San Francisco 49ers: A Look at Their Schedule and Predictions

Justin MorganCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2009

Is this the dawn of the Mike Singletary era? In his first full season as head coach, can he make them serious contenders for an NFC West Title?

How will Michael Crabtree's ankle hold up? Will his health make the 49ers regret drafting him? Will one of the OB's step up and lead this offense?

These are all questions that will be answered during the course of the upcoming season. I don't know the answer to them but I can predict how the 49ers season will fare.


Week 1: @ Arizona Cardinals

Not a blow out but i feel the Cardinals will take this one. They will want to start on a good note to try and prove last year was no fluke. 0-1

Week 2: v.s. Seattle Seahawks

I don't think this will be a very good season for Seattle. 49ers take their 1st home game. 1-1

Week 3: @ Minnesota Vikings

With or with out Brett Favre the Minnesota Vikings will run to a victory. 1-2

Week 4: @ St. Louis Rams

The Rams will be fighting for 3rd place in the NFC West with Seattle. 49ers take this one pretty handily. 2-2

Week 5: v.s. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta has too good an offense for 49ers defense. 49ers dealt worst loss of season so far. 2-3

Week 6: Bye Week

Hopefully they rest up, next three games are nothing to get excited about.

Week 7: @ Houston Texans

Like the 49ers, Houston is on the rise. Which team progresses faster? Houston. 2-4

Week 8: @ Indianapolis Colts

A down year for the Colts, however they are still better then 49ers, especially in Indy. 2-5

Week 9: v.s. Tennessee Titans

Rushing attack + more versatile offense= loss for 49ers. 2-6

Week 10: v.s. Chicago Bears

Seem to be getting some love from a lot of people. Why? 49ers end four game skid. 3-6 

Week 11: @ Green Bay Packers

Playing in Lambeau used to be intimidating. Those days are over. 4-6

Week 12: v.s. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jags will be better then last year, the 49ers however are better. 5-6

Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers get back to .500 with fourth win in a row against weaker team in weakest division. 6-6

Week 14: v.s. Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers will not drop 2 in a row to the Cardinals this year. 7-6

Week 15: @ Philadelphia Eagles

I picked the Eagles to win the NFC and losing to the 49ers will not get them there. 7-7

Week 16: v.s. Detroit Lions

The Lions will win some games this year. This will not be one of them. 8-7

Week 17: @ St. Louis Rams

The 49ers finish strong with a win in St. Louis who will finish last in NFC West. 9-7


I would be very surprised to look back at the end of the season and see that I went 16-0 on these picks. That is why I am saying, right now, that it will be +/- 1 game. I am confident that the 49ers can challenge the Cards for the Division Title.

Please let me know if you disagree with these picks or the final record for the 49ers. 


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