Chicago Football: Could Brady Quinn Be The Answer To The Bears' QB Problem?

Luke MillerCorrespondent IMay 7, 2008

The Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns have a very similar problem.  Both teams have fans that want to see another starting QB next season. 

Bears fans have a legitimate gripe.  Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton are terrible. Let's just clear that up in case anyone thought that Rex could be decent. 

Browns fans are being ridiculous though. 

Seriously, you have a Pro Bowl QB in Derek Anderson.  To top it off, a Pro Bowler in the AFC, where Peyton Manning and Tom Brady take the top two spots every year.  Yet the fans still clamor for Brady Quinn.  I understand the whole "hometown hero" thing, but look at what you've got in front of you. 

Take emotions and names out of the equation and ask yourself who you would rather have as your starting quarterback:  A Pro Bowl player who has already developed a relationship with your key offensive talent, or a second year player who has seen no meaningful playing time since being walloped by LSU in a bowl game two years ago.  

Here's where the two teams should meet up.  The Bears need a quarterback, and the Browns have two.  Browns management likes Anderson, and would like to keep him, but have a financial obligation to Quinn. 

So here's the offer. The Browns send Quinn to Chicago for a 2009 first-round pick and Rex Grossman.  The Bears get Quinn, and don't have to face the pressure of whether or not to draft a QB next year after the Grossman/Orton pupu platter falls on their face.  The Browns get the pick they invested in Quinn back, and they get a back-up quarterback for Anderson.  

Grossman also gets a change of scenery, which many feel could jump-start his career.  Quinn gets his own team.  Anderson gets some job security.  Phil Savage gets to have a purpose on the first day of the draft.  Chicago fans finally rid themselves of "Sexy Rexy."  Everyone wins.

Again, I have heard nothing that suggests that this would happen, but it makes sense, right?