With New Perspective, I Bid Bleacher Report...Hello, Again

Henry HAnalyst IJuly 16, 2009

The rising of the sun each morning is undoubtedly a beautiful sight. Each new day brings new chance and new hope for some, and for others a new perspective or new inspiration.

I will save you from the entirety of my metaphor. As I make my return to writing somewhat regularly in the Denver Broncos community here on Bleacher Report, I do feel that I have gained some perspective on the value of this community.

Sports are undoubtedly a major part of my life. Besides school, family, and other relationships, playing, watching, and talking about sports is one of the main things that keeps me "going."

Before my "sabbatical" from B/R, I was one of the more active writers in the Broncos community, which I believe is the best in the NFL and here on the site. However, eventually life began to get in the way, and I "burned out" much of my inspiration to write.

I took some time off, and after awhile I began to really miss it.

Bleacher Report provides a place where true sports fans can talk about the teams they love, with both their fellow fanatics and with members of rival communities.

Without B/R, it was more and more difficult to stay current and up to date on the news and transactions that I had been right in the middle of while writing.

Without anyone to really talk to about the Broncos—I have many friends who are NFL fans, but none who follow the Orange and Blue as passionately as myself—I began to lose touch with "my" team.

So, I have decided it is time for me to end my time away and return to the community.

Training camps will soon be starting, and the Broncos have a drastically different team. There will be a lot to talk about and a lot to cover.

And then September will come, and we will be launched into yet another season of NFL football, where anything can happen.

Not to mention the New York Mets, my MLB team, is in action. That is all I can say on them at the moment.

With a new appreciation for the culture of the site, I am happy to return to Bleacher Report. I'll resume writing about them within the next week.