Philadelphia Eagles Hype: Is It Warranted?

Jason McGovernCorrespondent IApril 5, 2017

You won't admit it, but you're guilty of it too. Every year around this time, everyone is crowning that one "chick" pick when it's still sexy.

You know what I'm talking about.

That one team nobody else is talking about yet (and for good reason) that will make you look like a genius when they hoist the Lombardi Trophy in Dolphin Stadium next February 7th.

Why? Because you called it before anyone else could even name five starters on the roster.

It's a safe bet, because even when said franchise fails to win six games and plays musical head coaches before the playoffs are even over, you tell your friends "What you thought I was serious?"

But on the other hand, if some way, some how...

It's like taking those 50-1 odds on a horse named Mind That Bird, except you only dropped $2 to reel in the $103.20 payout.

Lately I've been hearing all the experts talking about Philadelphia in ways I haven't heard since T.O. spurned the Ravens to don the midnight green.

The last time I was this shocked at the overwhelming support for my Eagles was in 1990 when the "Ultimate Weapon" at QB was supposed to lead us over Warren Moon and the Oilers for that first elusive ring.

And we all know how that turned out when Bryce Paup ended our season on opening day.

I've heard the prognosticators referring to them as the best team in the NFC only behind Pittsburgh and New England from that other conference.

I've listened to national radio hosts debating whether the Giants or the Eagles were the favorite to represent the NFC.

My interest was also peaked upon hearing various NFC Championship game predictions involving either the Vikings, Saints, or Giants facing the Philadelphia Eagles.

To put it in perspective, we're talking about a team who needed wins from the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders in Week 17 last December, combined with a victory of their own later that afternoon to even make the playoffs.

A team who couldn't even beat the Bengals and completely forgot that running the ball was even an option all of last year.

A team whose defensive mastermind is sidelined battling life threatening cancer (God bless him), with a franchise running back who may or may not be ready to start the regular season.

Not to mention, a team whose starting QB has only played one injury-free season in the past four years.

A team who lost its heart and soul of the defense for that one last big payday in Denver.

A team whose best receiver is about to hit the sophomore slump and second best receiver is merely a rookie still trying to learn the intricacies of the west coast offense, and will still be doing so 12 months from now.

So remind me, why are my Philadelphia Eagles the sexy pick all the sudden?

One thing that doesn't sit well with Negadelphians like myself is being the favorite. Count us out and we'll be sure to prove you wrong.

Jump on our bandwagon, and we'll implode with a 1-3 start, again just to prove you wrong.

So to all of you out there trying to be smart, go with the G-men, the Cowboys, the Cardinals, the Saints, the Vikings, the Falcons, or even the Bears.

Leave the optimism to us who really bleed green, because we fly best under the radar.