The Authority Needs New Angles to Remain Relevant in WWE

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistSeptember 4, 2014

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
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The Authority has been riding high as WWE's top corporate-heel faction since the summer of 2013.  It was at SummerSlam that year when Triple H surprisingly betrayed Daniel Bryan, costing him the WWE Championship.  The next night on Raw saw the beginning of The Authority and a full year later, the group is still going strong.

But despite their reign of terror in the company, the fact is that The Authority needs something different, something fresh, to continue at the top.  Indeed, they need new angles to even remain relevant in WWE.

It seems like just yesterday that Hunter turned heel once again and opened the door for Randy Orton to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Bryan at SummerSlam.  It was a moment that many fans just did not see coming and it set the tone for what was to come in WWE over the next 12 months.

Randy Orton
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But it all started with Bryan, who was the primary target of Triple H and wife Stephanie McMahon.  

Bryan was not the man The Authority wanted at the top.  He was too small, too ordinary and too average. When Hunter looked at him, he did not see the face of WWE; he saw a pretender to the throne. For The Game, there was only one man that fit the description of top guy and it was The Viper himself.

Orton was the epitome of a world-class athlete.  He represented everything that The Authority wanted in its champion and he was on the spot when they needed him to be. Orton knocked Bryan out of the picture and did the best he could to keep him out.

But Bryan represented the fans.  His average appearance and working-class demeanor endeared him to an audience full of fans that looked and acted the same way.  Bryan was their guy, the one they wanted at the top of WWE.  He was the modern-day Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bryan was more than ready to take up the fight left by The Texas Rattlesnake.

Daniel Bryan and Triple H
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All of this was a recipe for success in the company.  And WrestleMania 30 was the payoff, the most successful moment for this angle as Bryan became the new WWE world heavyweight champion.  

Along the way, The Authority went after other Superstars as well.  The Big Show, The Rhodes Brothers, CM Punk, anyone that crossed The Authority paid the price.  2014 has been much of the same, as John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Brie Bella have all felt the sting of WWE's ruling-class faction.

The Authority's total dominance and complete control in the company is well documented and is as fierce as it ever has been.  But is it getting stale?

Is The Authority beginning to hit a wall in WWE?  Fans have seen virtually the same storyline for a full year now and it does not seem to be changing anytime soon.  Yes they are still at the top but are they there because they're over or because the company says they have to be there?  

The Authority
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The truth is that The Authority needs new storylines.  The pattern of beating down any Superstar that opposes them may work in the short term but in the long term, it's practically the same angle every time.  And the fact that The Authority is never sent back on its heels for any significant amount of time is not helping matters either.

Despite what is done to them or how hard a Superstar fights, The Authority are all virtually bulletproof. They just seem to feel no pain and every week that they're on TV, they're all smiles and sarcasm.  Heels will be heels, that much is true.  But every heel must occasionally have his day of reckoning and The Authority has not.

The only angle that makes any sense for Triple H's faction right now is that of a corporate challenge. That challenge would need to come from the McMahon family in order to be plausible.  That means that either Linda or Vince McMahon would need to come back to the fold to stand against Triple H and Stephanie.

Stephanie and Vince McMahon
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The Raw and SmackDown General Managers have both been fired and there are obviously no babyface Superstars strong enough to bring The Authority down.  So either they are disassembled thanks to the McMahon family or they fall on their own sword thanks to internal strife.

But if they are to stay together, then The Authority must have a breath of fresh air in order to remain relevant in WWE.  If that does not happen, then fans could eventually begin to stop caring about them altogether.  There is no drama in a heel faction that simply cannot lose and there is no reason to keep tuning in to see them fall if there is no real possibility of it truly happening.

The Authority is neither evolving nor perishing.  But they are in danger of becoming irrelevant and that is perhaps the worst fate of all.