An Open Letter To Brett Favre

C.S. MiltonContributor IJuly 15, 2009

Dear Brett,
       Just go away, please! It is time for you to go away and shut you mouth. Stop toying with the Vikings, stop hurting the hearts of the Packer fans, stop teasing ESPN almost everyday. More importantly, stop bugging the fans of the rest of the NFL teams. Your done, put your ego aside and look back at what you have done. Your turning your back on the team and fans that adopted you to be their god basically! Ok I understand you couldn't get over you ego and wanted to play some more and going the AFC was the right choice, but to go back to the same division and against your old team's rival? Come on! Grow up! That is like Micheal Jordon leaving the Bulls to play for the Piston, or Derek Jeter going to play for the Red Sox. They respect the game, their team and their fans too much to do that. So please go the NFL a favor and leave. Your time is done, and you did not fully accomplish what you went out to do.
Okay so I know there are some of you ready to rip my head off, I'm looking at you Brett Favre fans and John Madden. Though I bet not all Packer fans want to kill me though. Have you people truly looked back on how Brett Favre has carried himself the past couple of years. Heck, when I went to the Patriots-Jets game last year we were sitting behind Brett Favre fans! They journeyed their way from Wisconsin to watch him play! They were cheering him on, "Yay! Brett made a completion!" but didn't care about what the Jets were doing. They didn't care that Leon Washington was having a great game, they wanted Brett to throw more. Come on! You are rooting for a man who has gone into and out of retirement three times. Made the Packers organization hang on every word and handcuffed them to move on with a younger QB. That's why they drafted Rodgers so long ago, to eventually replace Favre. They had a plan! They just couldn't execute it because Brett would be in, then be out, back in again, I'm gonna think about it and you have to wait for me because I am Brett Favre. Then finally he threatened the Packers. Start me or release. Basically make yourself look bad because you don't want me to be the QB and release me. You embarrassed yourself in New York. Your teammates didn't like you and the media didn't like you. Then you went into retirement again. Now your toying with the Vikings, now their Front Office is handcuffed because of you. Your turning you back on the organization who cherished you, loved you, made you an icon of the NFL by going to their biggest rival!
But that is not the worse part of the whole matter. The worst part of the matter is you have to make it public...EVERYDAY! Everyday I have to wake up to Sportscenter with a Brett Favre update. I come home from work and there is a new Brett Favre update. They have to announce you talked to a doctor, they announce you threw with some high school kids, they announce you were going to the bathroom and read Sports Illustrated NFL preview and you are getting the itch to come back. We are all tired of this. You could be a professional and do these test, negotiations behind closed doors and announce it when you sign the dotted line and his the practice field. We don't need to hear every single, tiny development.
So folks, please stop pumping Brett Favre's ego; ESPN, stop reporting every minute detail of Brett Favre's life and Brett, please GO AWAY!