WWE Programming's Best Match for Week of August 30

Brad JonesFeatured ColumnistAugust 30, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

It's been a fairly limp week for WWE's in-ring content, but before we get to that, here's a brief look at the stats from the first six months of this column.

Most Appearances in the 'Honourable Mentions' section

1. Cesaro (9)
2. Sheamus (8)
3. Randy Orton (6)

Most Appearances in the 'Match of the Week' section

1. Sheamus (6)
T2. Dean Ambrose (5)
T2. Cesaro (5)
T2. Dolph Ziggler (5)

There are really few surprises above, with the top spots being taken by some of the most consistently excellent wrestlers in WWE. With that out of the way, on to this week's programming.


Honourable Mentions

Coming off a truly blockbuster week in terms of in-ring action, there hasn't been all that much to get excited about over the last seven days.

Rusev and Jack Swagger had serviceable matches on both Raw and Smackdown, but given that the latter seems to be the end of their dispute, the matches were not good enough to round off the feud.

Few expected much from Swagger's sudden change of alignment to face the Super-Athlete, but there's been plenty to enjoy when the two have done battle in recent weeks. The matches have been good, the angle has been unexpectedly well received by audiences and, in general, it's been one of the highlights of the summer for many.

Admittedly, it's perhaps better that this rivalry ends before it runs out of steam, but it's difficult not to feel a little disappointed when an engaging programme ends too soon.

Also in the "almost great" category was a pair of contests between Seth Rollins and Rob Van Dam, a pairing that has produced plenty of good matches in recent weeks. Neither of their matches this week will go down as their best together, but they're worth watching all the same.


Match of the Week for August 30: Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd on NXT

Fortunately, whenever the main roster seems to have an off week, the huge amount of talent in developmental division NXT seems to pick up the slack.

The four men who will meet in the main event of Takeover II in a match for the NXT Championship did an excellent job of confirming why the special will be a must-watch for any WWE fan. The steady build to the Fatal 4-Way match has been engrossing throughout, and based on this match, its culmination will not disappoint.

It was a very smart move to have all four competitors share the ring in a tag team match to tease their upcoming bout, giving fans an idea of what they have to look forward to without giving it away completely.

We've seen various configurations of Neville, Zayn, Breeze and Kidd lock horns over the past few months, but there's always something fresh to enjoy. Here, the tension between both teams gave a new edge to the proceedings, and it was played to perfection.

It's rare that a rivalry between four individuals can run for so long to such great success, but this one has. With so much new talent coming into NXT in the near future, you'd have to think that Takeover II will act as the final chapter to a thoroughly entertaining period in the NXT title scene—and, perhaps, a star-making period for all four men involved.

Did a different match catch your eye this week? Which was your favourite Adam Rose vs. Curtis Axel match of the week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.