Brock Lesnar UFC 100 Controversy?

AccountKiller AccountKillerContributor IJuly 14, 2009

Since this past Saturday, UFC has been the object of critics mostly due to the actions and words of UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar after beating Frank Mir.

There have been many MMA "purists" (to put it that way) who have criticized Lesnar ever since he decided to jump to the world of MMA, at least the UFC's form of MMA.

But the fans pay their hard-earned money, so they are entitled to their opinion.

Frank Mir, on the other hand, decided to talk trash weeks prior to their fight. Many seem this as a way to hype up the fight and help sell the event.

Truth be told, Mir has been an arrogant guy and always seems to get overconfident. This was the case on Saturday, and honestly, it was the worst thing he could do against a monster known as Brock Lesnar.

Some are saying Brock disrespected Mir by saying his belt was a make-believe, which in reality that's what it is.

Let's not forget, on the countdown special to UFC 100, Mir talked about all these technical moves Brock couldn't do. After running through all these fancy names, joked that he would explain them later to Brock if he was lost. 

Brock is a dedicated man who wants to compete and show the world he can overcome any obstacle.

He's not arrogant, cocky, or rude.

For those who might have forgotten, the guy showed true class when he fought Randy Couture. With Lesnar you can expect the classic "Mess with the Bull and you get the Horn."

So going back to UFC 100, many weren't surprised by Lesnar's post-fight antics. Some were, and others are now calling him the "MMA version of Mike Tyson."

Something that is completely out of context as seeing Brock Lesnar doesn't go out at night to party and to keep the "rush" going. Instead, the man goes home to be with his family.

Perhaps, the insult to the sponsor was a bad move for Lesnar and his image, but he apologized and that alone should be enough.

Most UFC fans seem to hate him even more now, but it doesn't matter to Brock Lesnar or Dana White for that matter.

He might say he didn't like it, but in the long run this means more people buying PPVs so they see the man fall from his throne.

Truth be told, Lesnar is here to stay, whether you like it or not. And quite frankly, the man doesn't care what you think.