ECW's Breeding Ground Is Also an Unorganized Mess: Path to the Fray

AkDSenior Writer IJuly 14, 2009

Prelude: Alpha

All the other squadrons in red and blue wave to me (laughing) as I embark in the land of extreme. I traded in my pen and decided to lend my support to the cause, but I feel the urge to write once more.

With all that has occurred within the WWE during these past few months more issues and questions have emerged in the wake of attempting to answer some.

"Can the tag division be saved?"

We all have a pretty good feeling to what the answer should be and what it really is. Nevertheless it doesn't hurt to take a gamble right? Edge and Chris Jericho became unified tag champions at the bash followed by Hart Dynasty's arrival to Friday night WWE television and all seemed a bit optimistic. Edge had been worn out since participating in two elimination chamber matches at No Way Out.

"Hey management... I was wondering if maybe..sometime soon...possibly I could get a rest..err break".

I wonder if Edge sounded like that a few months back.

"We'll give you a break.....right after you compete in a triple threat at Wrestlemania 25, a last man standing match at Backlash, a singles match at Judgment Day, a ladder match at Extreme Rules, and a tag team title match at the Bash".

Edge got his break all right...

There are many other intriguing topics to choose from and I think I'll take aim at as much of them as I can. Two fellow B/R writers have effectively tackled a topic I thought about at times, but now I don't feel the need to, so peep this....and this.

The WWE has tried hard to shake things up (save RAW's rear end) to benefit the entire company and satisfy it's fans to some extent. I find myself now in the land of extreme as a result of the gold standard's arrival there following Donald Trump's 15 superstar tri-brand trade.

I wasn't really a regular viewer of the show, but now I have no choice like any Cena opponent put in the STFU, STF, or whatever they call it nowadays. So what's with the cast of characters on SyFy? (That really looks bad) This is going to be quite the trip. So what do we find in ECW?

In the midst of rebuilding the vets and new stars are all getting lost in the mix. Regal main events and isn't even on the following show. Sheamus debuts, but missed next show. It's going to be a while until everything is sorted out.

Stand back! There's a...

Where is the Hurricane?

Helms has been in a number of backstage segments as a mysterious protagonist in green that has been at the right place at the right time. Last week a woman fell off a Jeff Hardy-length ladder and Hurricane caught her and vanished. Now time for the hard-hitting questions.

Why was she up there?

Why did she just fall back instead of looking like she slipped?

He might still be healing from his injuries, but he'll have to return eventually and hopefully to a good showing. The brand seems to be up in the air so one could wonder what the superhero could end up doing in ECW. Since he's spending more time being a hero instead of being the ring I have a request.

Dear Mysterious hero,

I need help, a superstar is missing. He's six foot something, where's a wig, dons black and gold, a good worker, and he was last seen aiding and gallivanting around with some freak show who was once the little bastard of the company.

Don't forget to come back to the ring as well.

Then there are the Bella twins...and moving on to Katie Lee who I'll briefly touch upon. This lucky woman gets to stay home and babysit the twins while the all the other step divas are pulling hair for gold and taking part in eye popping bikini matches.

She's a great talent who was the first Queens of Chaos champ during her stint in the French promotion which she gave up to babysit. I guess Natalya decided to grab Kidd and Smith and skipped town when they heard twins were on the way. 

Whatever happened to ol' man Dreamer?

"Why he's our champ! He's the heart and soul of ECW."

Dreamer has contributed a lot to the company and deserved one more run as champ but maybe "run" was the wrong word. It should have been a walk...across the street. Nevertheless we're stuck with another Christian vs Dreamer match for Night of Champions.

How can ol' man Dreamer even stand in the same squared circled as the golden-holy-walk-on-water-instant(scratch that) immortal classic Christian?! In the words of a certain soviet cyborg...

"Me want betta competition."

Dreamer can't hold it for too much longer, so here's hoping to Summerslam of Night of Champions doesn't result in the title change. How about our new comers? What do you get when you mix the American dollar and the American nickel? You get some half-baked act that gives instant boredom.

"You know what I'm saying?"

No, I don't know what your saying and I don't care Abraham Washington. After two shows I still keep my hand on the last channel button on my remote. There's a saying that goes third time the charm, but I really think otherwise.

I need to see some more of our new Celtic warrior who arrived right after Finaly, the other Celtic warrior left. I have a feeling Finlay got the memo about babysitting twins and skipped town as well. We also have Yoshi Tatsu.

Funaki 2.0 might be a bit harsh as he's talented in the ring but how far do any of you expect this guy to go? Taka, JYW, Funaki, and Tajiri are all prime examples of how far Asian wrestlers went in the WWE despite their talent and abilities. WWE just doesn't invest that much in them leading to many wondering why the world did Tastu defeat Shelton Benjamin in his debut?

All was right again when the marvelous mid-card man got even and defeated Yoshi, who is surprisingly over (more than Morrison if you go by pure cheers). Benjamin's supporters came out vocally last show and the plan is to keep coming out as the movement continues on for our gold standard. It's been a while since he's seen back-to-back wins, so lets see what happens this time around. 

We have royalty (thanks to KOTR) in William Regal and he better not get lost in the shuffle, but he might for another generic powerhouse in big Zeke and the "woo woo" guy. At least the gold standard is pretty much guaranteed a match every week, but it already appears as if he's a while away from even being in a segment with the shiny silver.

"Edge is injured! Christian is gonna turn heel and join forces with Jericho and become tag champs and then Edge will come back as a face in and then.."

—He came back on ECW

—After draft stayed on ECW

—After Trump trade is still on ECW

Haven't settled in completely yet, but I'm already used to the peep show, in which I just don't give two cents about. Unused talent, underused talent, air-time issues, moving in new talent...this is going to be messy. 

Months from now who'll be standing tall? Or standing at all?

It was bound to be a mess as it begins to build new stars again, but it might be more difficult to pick things as quick as they last time, none of these new guys even have guaranteed roster spots.

Who will survive? Most likely, 99.9 percent don't care, but some are awaiting Goldust and Hurricane's returns, the fate of the new comers, and the hopefully inevitable Benjamin ECW title run.

By the looks of it, we're in for one hell of a ride, but I can't help but enjoy going against the grain. Summer hasn't been so hot and winter we're in for a storm, World War FiftyIV is on the horizon..not much time left.

If we don't get our voices heard it'll be the end of the line folks.





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