Word Life! Wrestling Around the World: Queens of Chaos

AkDSenior Writer IApril 8, 2009

Welcome to the return of Word Life.

I plan to take this series in a new direction in hopes of expanding your knowledge as well as mine. I can't help but to be disgusted by the way Divas are treated and utilized in the WWE.

It was always there in the back of my mind, but a certain 25 Diva over the top battle Royal really pushed the envelope. Women don't really get any chance to shine. Many of them are quite talented but their bodies are just used as sex sells.

This isn't always the case, but they're bamboozled one way or another and that Battle Royal was no different. Certainly there must be quality somewhere else right? Though they provide Diva/Knockout time, I'm not looking at TNA, I need a little more.

France is home to a great women wrestling promotion dubbed Queens of Chaos. The promotion was created in 2005.

These women really bring it. From my knowledge, the promotion only had one title. The title was the World Queens of Chaos Championship and the winner is dubbed the "Queen of Chaos."

Men are in the promotion as well, but they mostly play the managers, although inter-gender tag matches do occur every now and then. It appears that their inter-gender matches aren't on the same pace as your regular promotions.  Even though it's a French promotion they have traveled around Europe including the United Kingdom.

They have quite the shows and it seems that this promotion is a foundation and/or stepping stone for women who want to make it in wrestling.

The former WWE Diva  search winner Christie Hemme had a tenure in Queens of Chaos.  She wasn't the only one though. Former WWE and ECW Diva Jazz also wrestled for the promotion as well.

Another Diva Trinity was also part of the promotion. Trinity played manager to the Full Blooded Italians, F.B.I., when Nunzio and the group was down in ECW during the 2007 season. They added more belts to the promotion as time went on.

The Queens of Chaos European title was added and it's only right since they're in Europe.  As any other promotion, the top title is what everyone strives for.

In an over-the-top rope like match, the very first Queen of Chaos was crowned.

Who was it?

Her name was Nikita. In 2006, she vacated the title and left for America to wrestle in other promotions.

Katie Lee spent two years in Ohio Valley Wrestling, OVW. She came to WWE as none other than Katie Lee Burchill, Paul Burchill's story line sister.

These women obviously have talent and Queens of Chaos lets them demonstrate that. It's great to have more wrestling and less flashy clothes and bikinis. I never knew how talented Katie Lee was until now.

Queens of Chaos is definitely a place where women can really show their stuff. It's truly marvelous to see men in the promotion as well and the fact that they don't overshadow the women is even better.

Until the next time, Word Life!