Brock Lesnar: Bad For The UFC?

Farooq AhmedCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2009

Well, UFC 100 is over and people are still talking about the embarrassing antics of heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Lesnar, 32, defeated former heavyweight champ and fan favourite Frank Mir at 1.48 mark into the second round.

However his performance has been overshadowed by the post fight activities of the heavyweight champ. Lesnar not only insulted his defeated opponent by telling Mir, “Talk all the shit you want now!” after frank appeared to be gesturing that he wanted to go over and congratulate Lesnar on his victory.

Lesnar then gave his thoughts to the loyal UFC fans, who pay his wages, by giving the fans show of appreciation; two middle fingers as they continued to boo him. Soon after in the interview with commentator Joe Rogan, he turned on the UFC’s biggest sponsor Bud Light, by saying he would drink only Coors Light because he wasn’t getting paid by Bud Light, then putting down a vulgar remark that he would “get on top of his wife”. Yeah thanks for that Brock because we all want to know what you and your botox face wife do in the bedroom.

Meanwhile Frank Mir was nothing but professional in his defeat. His face battered and deformed from the beating he took and still clearly upset over his loss, he spoke with dignity and pride—saying that he had a lot of work to do and that he would be back in the octagon.

A very classy man in defeat.

And according to published reports on various MMA news Web sites, UFC boss Dana White gave Lesnar a dressing down in the locker room following the ex-WWE superstar’s rant.

Lesnar apologized at the post-fight press conference saying “I was so jacked up (because) I’m used to selling pay-per-view tickets. I come from a business that is purely entertainment. I screwed up, and I apologize.”

Well, Brock this ain’t the WWE, this is the real deal. The UFC is becoming one of the largest growing sports franchises in the world and it does not need any form of “entertainment”, You fight, you win, shake hands and shut up. Simple.

If he can’t learn his lessons, I’m pretty sure UFC president Dana White would love to arrange a fight with Fedor ’The Russian Military Experiment’ Emelianenko should the UFC eventually sign him.