Dallas Cowboys: Next Coach Could Have the Initials JJ

Richard ZowieCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 31:  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones attends the 3rd Annual Saturday Night Spectacular hosted by Kevin Costner and Michael Strahan and presented by American Airlines and Texas Energy Holdings at T Pepin Hospitality Center on January 31, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

If I were Wade Phillips, I’d be watching my back this season.


I suspect Bum Phillips’ son could have a short-lived career as the head coach of America’s Team if they don't make the playoffs or if they get snuffed out quickly.


Or if he cracks a joke about owner Jerry Jones’ unsuccessful prodigal son projects like Adam “Pacman” Jones or Tank “Sorry, but I forgot his real first name” Johnson. Or when he jokes about Jones’ alleged plastic surgery.


If Wade is shown the door, it makes you wonder who will be the next head coach at Big D.


Mike Shanahan? Sounds great. I’d love to see him there.


Jason Garrett? Perhaps.


Jessica Simpson? For once, Tony Romo would listen to his coach!


Or perhaps the next one could have the initials JJ.


Does this mean Jones will swallow his pride, get on his hands and knees, and ask Jimmy “Hair” Johnson back?


I was wrong, Jimmy. 500 other guys can’t coach this team. Please come back! I’ll do anything! If you want a lifetime supply of Aquanet, it’s yours! I’ll even have Jimmy Buffet sing at your next birthday party!


My father-in-law, a Green Bay Packers fan who’s not a Cowboys fan, told me once that if the Cowboys had kept Johnson as head coach, they probably could’ve won two more Super Bowls.


Yes, Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl, but the team he won it with was largely one assembled by Hair.


I suspect Johnson is too smart and way too content fishing near his place in Key West and giving analysis on Fox to consider returning to his former employer.


Besides, who wants to go from a relaxed lifestyle to returning to 16-hour days as a head coach?


Is it possible Dallas’ next coach might be Jerry Jones?


If it can be done legally*, I wouldn’t be surprised.


Jones loves to micromanage while being involved with everything from the “jocks to the socks”, so it’s possible.


If it does happen, maybe it’ll be a blessing in disguise, Cowboys fans. Maybe Jones will see how tough football really is and let people who know the sport make the decisions.


*Some might remember that back in 1977, Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner hired himself to manage the team for a game. Turner apparently had enough fun to try it again the next day, but MLB authorities pointed out to Turner a rule that managers can’t own any interest in the team. Turner was ordered to return back to his owner’s box.