Raps and Mavs Win Big: Grading The Trade

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Raps and Mavs Win Big: Grading The Trade
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               On July 9, the General Manager Brain Colangelo orchestrated a deal that not only helped them in the short run, but that also may have been enough to convince their franchise player to stick around for a while longer. The Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, and Memphis Grizzlies traded eight players, one draft pick, and roughly ten million dollars in a block buster deal that is sure to reshape their rosters. Here is a detailed look on the winners and losers of this trade.

        Toronto Raptors- Gain: Hedo Turkoglu, Antoine Wright, Devean George.

              Lose: Shawn Merion, Kris Humphries, Nathan Jawai, 2016 second round pick, 2.5 million dollars.

              Grade: A

                The Raptors made the best out of the situation they put themselves into. When the rumours began that Turkoglu was deciding between Toronto and the Portland Trail Blazers it appeared that Portland had won the sweepstakes because they had much more payroll to offer. That was until Colangelo made a bold move by offering Turkoglu roughly the same amount, and in doing so renouncing all of the Raptors free agents. When Turkoglu chose Toronto over Portland, it seemed all was lost for the Raptors. They would have almost no money to spend on any other free agents, have many holes in their line-up, and quite possibly the weakest bench in the NBA.

              That was until Colangelo proved why he is a former Executive of the Year, creating a scenario to allow the Raptors more flexibility in the free agent market. By allowing Turkoglu to sign with the Orlando Magic first, and then trading for him, the Raptors were allowed to keep the rights to their free agents as well as their mid-level exception.

               That alone would have made this a successful trade, because they simply gave Orlando their trade exception worth roughly seven million dollars. What made this trade truly amazing is they were able to also sign-and-trade Shawn Marion to the Dallas Mavericks in order to gain a young wing player in Antoine Wright who will help fill up the shooting guard and small forward positions, as well as Devean George, a ten year veteran who should provide the bench with leadership and a proven track record. The Raptors truly made a steal in this trade because all they gave up was Kris Humphries, who will always be a backup and was making three million dollars, and Nathan Jawai, a second round pick last year with no real upside.

             Considering Marion was leaving regardless, being able to address a glaring need at the shooting guard and small forward positions makes this grade easily an A.

      Orlando Magic- Gain: roughly seven million dollar trade exception

                            Lose: Hedo Turkoglu

                            Grade: A

                This one is simple in that instead of losing Turkoglu with nothing to show for it, the Magic were able to do the Raptors a favour and gained seven million dollars for it. This will come in handy when signing free agents both now and in the future, and should allow the Magic to salvage some of what they lost in Turkoglu.


    Dallas Mavericks: - Gain: Shawn Marion, Kris Humphries, Nathan Jawai, Greg Buckner

                                     Lose: Antoine Wright, Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse

                                     Grade: B

                By looking only at gains and losses, a B grading may seem a little low, but I assure you there is a good reason. While I like the trade and think the Dallas Mavericks are a better team for it, I wonder why they didn’t just sign Marion to a free agent deal? They ultimately gave up a solid developing guard in Antoine Wright, along with a proven winner in Devean George for a player that in his prime was a four time all-star, but hasn’t been able to put together a truly productive season since leaving Phoenix in Shawn Marion.

            Although this is the perfect situation for Marion to thrive with Jason Kidd returning, it appears the Mavericks elected to trade for Marion in order to unload George, who has be a pain for the Mavericks lately, as well as drop Stackhouse’s contract, maybe hoping to resign him for a lower price. 

          Kris Humphries should be solid off the bench, providing energy and rebounding to the second unit. Jawai and Buckner will probably never been seen. Although it doesn’t score as high as the previous two teams, I believe that Dallas fans will reap the benefits of this trade the most.

                Memphis Grizzlies: - Gain: Jerry Stackhouse, 2.5 million dollars

                                                         Lose: Greg Buckner

                                                         Grade: A-

                Memphis just helps this trade work for everybody, and gets to dump Buckner off in Dallas. I think the only real reason Memphis did this is to show the league it is willing to help out teams, so that when they come looking for trades they might get a bit of a bargain. Not much else to say here considering they bought out Stackhouse and he will not be a Grizzly.

                Ultimately there are no losers in this trade, which is always something you like to see, as every team got the players they wanted. It allowed all the teams more financial flexibility, and at the end of the day every team is better than when they started. Toronto and Dallas are the big winners, Orlando doesn’t completely lose Turkoglu for nothing, and Memphis still won’t make the playoffs next year. In the end this was a good trade that should allow Toronto and Dallas to improve their records.



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