After Brock Lesnar's UFC 100 Victory, What Can the Critics Say Now?

James HizonaCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

Well, the UFC now has an undisputed heavyweight champion in Brock Lesnar. Sure, he did perform in a manner that others, including UFC President Dana White, would consider to be "unprofessional," but Brock will be Brock.

He did "man" up and publicly apologized for his antics during the post-fight press conference, especially to Bud Light (I was hoping he'd still stick with Coors though).

Brock was not the only one who was talking trash before the fight. Frank Mir still wanted a piece of Brock after referee Herb Dean called the fight because Frank could not intelligently defend himself, as he was pinned up against the cage and getting his face caved in by Lesnar's fists (or as White likes to refer Lesnar's fists, his "lunch boxes").

Mir did stir up a lot of heat between the two, and he is just as responsible. Mir should have thought twice before he considered pissing off the former NCAA wrestling champion.

Lesnar is one of those people that if you beat him, you better be prepared to lose. The man will consume himself with the obsession of not just beating you, but beating you to a pulp. Just take a look at Mir's face after the first round.

This match showed just how quickly and easily Lesnar is able to adapt with the transition to MMA. What is still scary is that the guy is still learning and will only get better.

Mir came into this match in the best shape of his career and was coming off a career performance against former Interim Heavyweight Champion Antonio Nogueira. Mir opened up a lot of eyes when he gave the former Pride Champion his first knockout defeat.

That being said, even the new and improved Frank Mir was not able to stop Lesnar, and this was only Brock's fifth ever MMA fight! This just goes to show you that Lesnar is for real.

What can the critics say about the Minnesota native now? Can the guy bang with the best? Yes! Can the guy beat the best? Hell to the Yes! Is he just another Kimbo Slice? Hell to the NO!

With this dominating win on his record, who is next in line to take on this "Juggernaut?" Whoever steps up for the challenge, may the gods have mercy on him—because Brock won't.

Until then, this is "Balistik" signing out.


Peace out.