Taking Stock: UFC 100

Nate Lawson@NateLawsonCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2009

UFC 100 marked the success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, displaying the phenomenal ascent of the company to the pinnacle of mixed martial arts organizations.

The rise of the UFC is accompanied by the rise of the stellar athletes who are under contract with this elite organization. However, with every winner at UFC 100, there was a losing counterpart.

With the winners and losers making up this exhilarating card, the divisional ranks have been shaken, fighters have risen and fallen, as it has once again become time to take stock of the fighters in the UFC.


Rising Stock

Georges St. Pierre

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre gave the fans more of the same, as he managed to absolutely manhandle the stronger and larger Thiago Alves.

Now, naming Alves his toughest opponent to date, Georges St. Pierre may be running low on legitimate competition in the UFC welterweight division.

However, he did not appear interested in his next fight being against Anderson Silva at a catch weight, leaving another 170-pounder victim to St. Pierre.

The likeliest of contenders at this point is the winner between Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann, who are set to fight at UFC 103.

Another option would have been Jon Fitch. However, although he did defeat Paulo Thiago last evening, the win was likely not impressive enough to call Fitch worthy of a rematch with the champion.

St. Pierre continues to prove that he is unbeatable at 170 pounds. With a match up with Anderson Silva far from likely for the near future, it seems St. Pierre will look to continue his reign in the welterweight division.


Brock Lesnar

Although Lesnar may have lost some respect through his taunting after his second-round technical knockout, there is no longer a legitimate reason to question this man’s ability as a mixed martial artist, nor the legitimacy of the belt he continues to sport around his waist.

However, Dana White has never taken Brock Lesnar lightly, giving him one tough opponent after another.

That trend will continue as Lesnar will likely defend his belt against the winner of the UFC 102 main event between Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

The situation presented will either allow for a rematch between Couture and Lesnar, or a match between Lesnar and Nogueira, who lost to Frank Mir in his last fight.

Whatever the future holds for the enormous heavyweight champion, Lesnar has rid the division of the interim belt and has become undisputed champion of the UFC heavyweight division.

With the competition remaining in the heavyweight division, perhaps Fedor Emelianenko is the only man who can prevent a lengthy reign by Brock Lesnar.


Dan Henderson

Not only was Dan Henderson able to avenge his team’s disgraceful defeat at the hands of the Brits on this season’s “Ultimate Fighter,” he was also able to shut up Michael Bisping by knocking him out twice.

Henderson now has every right to claim a rematch with Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title, although the UFC may have other plans.

While a rematch with Silva seems like a marketable fight for the UFC, especially after Henderson’s performance last evening, the 38-year-old may have to win one more fight in the middleweight division before they grant him this task. A possible matchup may be the winner of the Nate Marquardt-Demian Maia fight.

However, a signing of Vitor Belfort by the UFC would certainly dash away “Hendo’s” chances at 185-pound gold for the moment, as Belfort would receive an immediate opportunity at gaining the title.


Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman’s defeat of Stephan Bonnar last evening proved that the veteran still had something left in the tank, or that Bonner simply had nothing left in the tank. Either way, Coleman gained the victory and an opportunity to retire on a high note.

However, the competitive nature of this UFC hall of famer will likely lead to yet another fight for Coleman. Whether Coleman wins or loses that fight, which will likely be against another low-tier 205 pounder, he has proven for the moment that he can still compete at the highest level, continuing to remind the fans his place in UFC history.


Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch’s performance against Paulo Thiago was nothing close to stellar. However, Fitch does not need to put on electric performances to prove his worth in the welterweight division.

The fact that Fitch has already fought the welterweight champion St. Pierre makes a rematch unlikely at the moment.

However, Fitch has already defeated Alves and refuses to fight Josh Koscheck, limiting his options against top-tier welterweights.

The likeliest of match ups includes Fitch battling for number one contendership against Matt Hughes or Carlos Condit.

The remaining fighters at the top of the division are either coming off losses, are friends of Fitch’s, or have already been beaten by the former Purdue Boilermaker.


Stock Falling

Thiago Alves

Thiago Alves proved to everyone what the division feared to be true; Georges St. Pierre is seemingly unbeatable. Alves’ strength proved no match for St. Pierre’s technique and wrestling, as he finds himself with plummeting stock in the UFC welterweight division.

While the scenario is very unclear at the moment, Alves will be matched up with a top ten welterweight. Possibly against Jon Fitch for a rematch to declare the top contender of the 170 pound division.

For the moment, however, the dominant performances have come to an end for Alves, as he know looks up to see the welterweight belt further away than ever.

Three more fights will definitely be necessary before Alves has a chance for the UFC welterweight belt.


Frank Mir

Frank Mir’s loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 can be linked directly to the size and strength that Lesnar possesses. After controlling Mir on the ground for both the first and second rounds, Lesnar displayed what exactly he was capable of on the mat.

However, though the amount of striking was limited, Mir displayed his evolved stand-up game, as he managed to outstrike Lesnar for the little time the two remained standing.

Dana White no doubt took notice of Mir’s striking in the last two fights, even though his most recent outing did not involve a lot of time on the feet, leaving Mir to look forward to another tough opponent.

Mir can expect his next bout to feature Cheick Kongo, the loser of Couture-Nogueira, or another heavyweight in the top ten, as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace undoubtedly looks to settle the score between himself and the champion with a rubber match.


Michael Bisping

“The Count” may have won the war of words against the quiet Dan Henderson. However, Bisping lost where it counted and now finds himself set back in the middleweight division of the UFC after a brutal knockout at the hands of the American, Dan Henderson.

Bisping will now be set to fight in either late 2009, or early 2010. Thales Leites (if and when he defeats Alessio Sakara), or the loser of Maia-Marquardt would be likely opponents.

If the UFC sees it fit, Patrick Cote’s scheduled bout at UFC 103 could be moved back to accommodate a match between the Brit and the Canadian.

After all of the trash talking by the British “Ultimate Fighter” coach, Michael Bisping’s stock has plummeted, as he proved absolutely unable to compete with Dan Henderson.


Stephan Bonnar

Bonnar’s loss to Mark Coleman at UFC 100 has sent “The American Psycho” spiraling even further back in the light heavyweight division, giving him is second consecutive loss.

Bonnar now seems to be inching closer and closer to the end of his career with the UFC, making his next fight a must-win in order to remain with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

If Bonnar manages to stay with the UFC much longer, an opponent would either be another veteran like Coleman, or another young gun, such as Jon Jones. The future does not seem to bode well for “The Ultimate Fighter” alum Bonnar, as he continues to lose fights as an undercard draw.


With this event of epic proportions having transpired, the divisions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship have been shaken.

UFC 100 gave rise to new contenders, defending champions, and exciting fights, leaving this amazing event with changing stock amongst the fighters, and exciting possibilities for the bright future of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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