What To Expect From UFC 100!!!

Sean SchimlingAnalyst IJuly 11, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 11:  Wrestler Brock Lesnar attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood March 11, 2004 in New York City.  (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

So , it's safe to say I've been gone for a while. But I've came back to revive my dying series of articles. Enjoy!!

Expect Jim Miller (my boy) to beat Mac Danzig and then go on to dominate his next 3 opponents, on the  way to a title shot. (Just kidding about the title shot, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?)

Expect Bones Jones to wildly win his fight, and even more people to jump on the war wagon.

Expect C.B. Dollaway to win again, only to lose his next fight against a contender.

Expect Dong Hyun Kim to continue his streak, only to lose to his next opponent. (I say continue his streak, because his last fight was a no-contest, so technically he is undefeated.)

Expect Mark Coleman to look as purple as ever as he gets demolished by Stephan Bonnar.

Expect Mark Coleman to retire afterwards.

Expect Stephan Bonnar's hair to piss you off. It pisses me off for some reason.

Expect Jon Fitch to avenge Koscheck's loss, and go on to face Thiago Alves. (Win or lose for Alves.)

Expect Alan Belcher to dominate Yoshihiro Akiyama for the first round, but get finished in thr second.

Expect Dan Henderson to lay and pray his way to a split decision.

Expect Michael Bisping to get dominated the first and third rounds, but take the second.

Expect Dan Henderson to come out to the national anthem. (J/k)

Expect Georges St.Pierre to continue his reign as the welterweight champion.

Expect Thiago Alves to give GSP his toughest test yet.

Expect a four round war.

Expect a fourth round TKO.

Expect Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir's fight to be short and sweet.

Expect Mir to pull of the semi-upset again.

Expect a second round submission.

Expect about 100 mentions about how UFC 100 is historical, the best event ever, the biggest event ever, etc.

Expect Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg to be douches in front of the largest pay-per view audience ever.

Expect some kind of big announcement.

Expect to be satisfied, but feel like it could've been better. (Think Transformers 2, without Megan Fox.)

Expect Holly Madison to trip and fall. (Crossing Fingers)

Expect UFC 101 to be better than this.

Expect me to be back for UFC 101.