Warren's Worn-Out Welcome: Sappapotomous Is a Bitter, Big Trap-Mouthed Buffoon

brien dixonContributor IJuly 10, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 17:  Warren Sapp #99 of the Oakland Raiders talks with teammates on the sidelines toward the end of the NFL game against the St. Louis Rams at McAfee Coliseum December 17, 2006 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

How many insulting quotes will Warren Sapp dish out to the Raiders organization until he gets closure?

Sapp's words of hate sound similar to an ex-girlfriend who has failed to recover from an ugly break up. Spare us the drama "Steak Burrito Killa"...oops, I meant QB Killa.

Much enthusiasm is flowing in Raiderland about JaMarcus Russell taking a more serious approach to his career. Why in world would Sapp still be negative about this news?

Is it tragically difficult to ponder why he would trash a former teammate like that? The guy is only 24 years of age and people swear he is 35 or something.

It is one thing to throw jabs at Al Davis for his management skills, but to dog Russell out on TV shows...you are a bitter cry baby that can't move on from your four pitiful seasons in Oakland.

Blame your own play and admit your part in the six-year futility fest in Oakland. The Raiders were one year removed from the Super Bowl hangover when they made the huge error of signing a waste of space booted from Tampa.

Sure, the Bucs worked the Raiders in one of the most bizarre 24-hour periods in Super Bowl history. Strange dark forces worked in your favor so you should celebrate, but you were awful in Oakland.

Putting up a bunch of stats to show just how garbage you were in Oakland would underscore the abundance of nothing you brought on Sundays. Reminiscing on the constant backward push generated against O-linemen from '04 to '07 brings a humorous laugh to my soul.

True Raider people such as myself were unexcited to see your name linked to Oakland on the news wire. Anyone with half a brain knew you were going to produce squat against the superior linemen of the AFC at that point in your career.

Is there anything more entertaining than seeing Sapp and Derrick Burgess verse the run getting simultaneously pushed back in a vulnerable position like female prom dates? I got use to it, as most of what people call the Raider Nation did.

Al Davis paid you well and you are still an ungrateful punk.

I don't give one hot damn if Al interferes. It is his team and he could do what he wants with it.

Why didn't you ask for your release after 2004 if things were so damn bad? No, that actually would have been an honorable gesture on your part.

Instead you played and got more millions off our fans' misery for the next three seasons. I swore I heard you on a TV show that everything was about the check. Am I wrong or right here?

I hope the networks that employ Warren Sapp's analysis understand that a leopard can never change its spots.

He is a lard ass with a big mouth who will always say idiotic crap and hardly anything relevant or intelligent.

Don't be surprised when Sapp's mouth really screws him over. His career will be over just like his genius hip soda shop idea was a few years back.