Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir–UFC 100: Is MMA Now Part of the "Big Four" Sports?

Steve ClemmonsContributor IJuly 10, 2009

Mixed Marial Arts (MMA) is "a brutal and repugnant blood sport...that should not be allowed to take place anywhere in the U.S."

-John McCain, 1995

"I consider John McCain the guy who started the UFC. If it weren't for McCain, I wouldn't be here right now.

-Dana White,, 2008


Now, how can you possibly rectify these two statements?

On the eve of UFC 100 MMA fans everywhere are making plans to see this epic card from Las Vegas. To think that only 13 years ago John McCain wrote a passionate letter to all U.S. governors urging them to ban the sport, the upcoming spectacle shows how much the sport has grown.

The card is filled with top notch talent.

Main card





Preliminary card







That this outlaw sport has survived the attempts of politicians to ban it, means we can see grown men (and women) ground—and—pound each other until someone submits. This is the true meaning of Independence Day.

I am especially interested in the outcome of the rematch between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. By now you are probably familiar with their stories. Brock Lesnar is the former WWE (pretend) champion, and Frank was UFC champ, until a horrendous motorcycle accident nearly ended his life.

In the rematch, we will see how Lesnar's defense has developed (since he was ahead in the first fight, putting Mir in some compromising positions), and just how quick Mir is, since he too has been in the lab, soaking up new strategies.

Which fight are you waiting to see?

Who will win the Heavyweight Belt?

I am putting my money on Brock Lesnar. I was impressed with him in Minnesota, where he was a collegiate wrestler and played a little football, even going to training camp with the Vikings. While his stint in WWE dims his star, he has legitimate wrestling moves, which are valuable.

With the numbers that this telecast is predicted to pull, is it legitimate to suggest UFC/MMA has surpassed other sports to join the "Big Three" of: Football, Baseball, and Basketball?

Lets look at the projected numbers.

Kevin Iole explains...

"UFC 100, on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, is a card which is expected to sell upwards of 1.5 million on pay-per-view, and for which a pair of front-row tickets is going for as much as $45,000 on StubHub."

Golf doesn't have PPV events, NASCAR faithful are reducing their numbers with higher fuel prices to travel to the events, and boxing has had its ups and downs. 

UFC 100 might serve as the coronation of the newest member of the Sports Pantheon.