45 Interesting Things We Found out from Athletes' AMAs

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45 Interesting Things We Found out from Athletes' AMAs

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    If Facebook is the quiet suburban enclave of the social media universe, then Reddit is the formerly abandoned, derelict slum...reclaimed by a volatile (but thriving) community of bohemians, cyber-anarchists and sketchy opportunists who just need to lay low for a while.

    The rest of us? We're just tourists.

    OK, the metaphor is a little melodramatic, but there is no questioning that Reddit is a completely different beast than Twitter or Google Plus.

    Reddit is all about message-board-driven, online communities where opinions and content are shared on everything from current affairs to bizarre hobbies. There are a surprisingly high number of enthusiasts.

    And one of the most fascinating events promoted by Reddit is the AMA (Ask Me Anything). The AMA gives the masses an opportunity to literally fire off any question at a celebrity, who responds in-kind.

    Essentially, the AMA is like an online chat with one of ESPN's talking heads, but without any supervision.

    As you would expect, people will ask insane questions, but the sessions also provide plenty of interesting information about the participant.

    Some of the biggest names in sports have jumped headlong into an AMA, giving fans plenty to chew on about their personal life and career.

    These are 45 interesting things we found out from athlete AMAs.

Shaquille O’Neal Has a Comically Massive Bed

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    AMA: Shaquille O’Neal, retired NBA player

    Date: February

    Question: “Do you still have the biggest bed in the world? I remember it from MTV Cribs. Haha.”

    Answer: “Have the biggest bed in the world, then someone challenged me, so I made it double the size, now my room is all bed.” 

    Then again, who knows if Shaq’s bed claims are true. It sounds pretty ridiculous, but Shaq is pretty ridiculous. He's also really rich and exceptionally large, so it certainly could be possible. 

Alfred Morris Doesn’t Know or Care About Fantasy Football

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins 

    Date: December 2012

    Question: “Do you or anyone else on the Redskins play fantasy football?”

    Answer: “I don’t know about any of my teammates, but I don’t. I don’t even know the rules or scoring system of fantasy football. Haha.”

    People need to stop asking football players about fantasy football-related things. They don’t play fantasy football because they are too busy playing actual football. OK?

Joel Embiid Is Gonna Be Good for Business

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    AMA: NBA Rookies

    Date: August

    Question: "Which player in this draft class is the biggest trash-talker?”

    Answer: “Joel Embiid. He just talks a lot. He’s a big kid.” — Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics 

    Question: “Who do you think will be the first rookie on Shaqtin' A Fool?”

    Answer: “Embiid. He’s so goofy. I follow him on Twitter and that’s enough for him to be on Shaqtin' the fool.” — C.J. Wilcox, Los Angeles Clippers 

    Sixers center Joel Embiid has already made countless headlines for his hilarious antics on social media, and we’re still months away from the start of his rookie season. That is, if he plays this year. This kid is going to make plenty more over the course of his career. 

Julian Edelman Is Fantastically Quick with Anchorman References

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Julian Edelman, New England Patriots 

    Date: January

    Question: “I think you’re pretty awesome?”

    Answer: “I’m Ron Burgundy?” 

    Lol. A great sense of humor that Bill Belichick must just love! 

Manu Ginobili Has Nothing Against Bats

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    Darren Abate/Associated Press

    AMA: Manu Ginobili, San Antonio Spurs

    Date: March 2013

    Question: “October 31st, 2009. A bat was loose in the AT&T Center during your game against the Kings and you came to the rescue and caught the bat with your bare hands. What was going through your mind when you did this?”

    Answer: “That's a good question. I just wanted to keep playing and that bat was getting in the way all the time. I saw it coming my way and tried to grab it. That was it. Didn't think it was gonna be such a big deal!”

    Question: “Do you really hate bats?”

    Answer: “Not at all!! I was actually careful with it and it flew away after I caught it and handed it to the usher.”

    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Ginobili’s legendary bat-catching incident! Even though there’s no chance the bat was safely released outside by security, it’s nice to know he didn’t kill it with his bare hands. 

Peter King Is Listening to Your Insults

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    Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Peter King, MMQB 

    Date: June 2013

    Question: “Do you ever read what they post on Deadspin and Kissing Suzy Kolber about you?”

    Answer: “Deadspin, all the time. SKS, used to. Too depressing.”

    Ouch. King’s self-esteem has definitely taken some serious blows over the years. The interwebs have not always been kind to him. 

Evan Mathis Would Beat God in a Chili Dog Eating Contest

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    Matt Rourke/Associated Press

    AMA: Evan Mathis, Philadelphia Eagles 

    Date: February 2012

    Question: “Games? Video or otherwise. 1. Do you, like everyone else, secretly live in N.J. during the season? 2. Who would win in a chili dog eating contest, Andy [Reid] or God [Almighty]? 3. Can you please make sure this year the Eagles pro shop carries Evan Mathis jerseys? I had to settle for a Maclin when I went to the Cards game.”

    Answer: “Yes I'm a gamer. Was addicted to WoW in 2005. Was a level 41 Halo 3 player. 100 percent completed GTA IV. Currently playing Twisted Metal awaiting the arrival of GTA V. 1. I lived less than a mile from NovaCare last season. 2. I would demolish both of them. 3. That’s a great idea. Let’s start writing letters.” 

    Honestly, I don’t know who would win a chili dog eating contest between Mathis, Andy Reid and God, but I’d love nothing more than watching them battle it out on the Fourth of July. Watch your back, Joey Chestnut. 

Tony Hawk Has Broken Surprisingly Few Bones

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    Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

    AMA: Tony Hawk, skateboarder

    Date: May

    Question: “How many bones have you broken?”

    Answer: “Three: pelvis, elbow and rib.” 

    We all know Tony Hawk is the best in the world, but who knew he went through so few growing pains to get there? 

If They Didn’t Play Basketball, They’d…

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    Richard Shotwell/Associated Press

    Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons: “I would be an actor, because I have the personality and skills to do it. I’m actually looking into finding an acting coach.”

    Spencer Dinwiddie, Detroit Pistons: “I would be a shoe designer.” 

    Russ Smith, New Orleans Pelicans: “Probably acting or being a sports analyst.” 

    Zach LaVine, Minnesota Timberwolves: “I would be a professional baseball player, center field for the Angels.” 

    P.J. Hairston, Charlotte Hornets: “I would be in the NFL. I’d be a wide receiver. I’d be a Calvin Johnson-type.” 

Terry Crews Thinks 'White Chicks' Is Genius

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    Dan Hallman/Associated Press

    AMA: Terry Crews, retired NFL player

    Date: August 2012

    Question: “How fun was it filming the "A Thousand Miles" scene in White Chicks?”

    Answer: “It was one of the best moments of my entire life. The Wayans are geniuses and it was my breakthrough in my acting career. I'll never forget it. That was the moment my life changed.”

    Crews has had a lot of success in acting, but is definitely an odd duck—that has to be the first and only time White Chicks and “genius” ever shared the same sentence. Although, it makes more sense coming from the guy who says he almost drowned on the set of Stars Earn Stripes and that he “loved it.” 

Chandler Parsons Is Not a Gamer

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Chandler Parsons, Dallas Mavericks 

    Date: February

    Question: “Do you play any video games and if so do you own a new system?”

    Answer: “Never have before, but James [Harden] bough the whole [Rockets] team Xbox Ones for Xmas so trying to get into it. My tag is CP25, come see me.” 

    You can tell he never plays, otherwise he wouldn’t be crazy enough to give out his tag to a bunch of crazy yahoos—myself included. 

Connor Barwin Isn’t Going to Heaven…or Hell

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Connor Barwin, Philadelphia Eagles 

    Date: June

    Question: “Connor…you said ask anything: What happens after death?”

    Answer: “Nothing. You’re dead.” 

    Well, at least he won’t be thanking God for gracing him with a pile of free shoes or a case full of Gatorade—that’s refreshing. 

Steve Duchesne Knows What Makes Hockey Players Scream

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    Elsa/Getty Images

    AMA: Steve Duchesne, retired NHL player

    Date: April 2012

    Question: “What is your favorite story to share from your days as a pro? Whether it be on ice, off ice, traveling with the teams, or whatever.”

    Answer: “I have a story, maybe not my favorite but whatever. The year we won the Cup in Detroit we were flying from Vancouver, after the game, to San Jose and the engine on our plane stalled. We had to ... nosedive so the engine would start again. Never seen so many manly hockey players scream.”

    Turns out it’s the same thing that makes the rest of us scream—the possibility of plummeting a mile out of the sky in a glorified tin can. That exact thing has actually happened to me before, and I didn’t handle it well. 

Steve Nash Doesn’t See a Future in Coaching

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Steve Nash, Los Angeles Lakers 

    Date: June

    Question: “Are you interested in being a head coach in the future?” 

    Answer: “Coaching’s not for me, I don’t think.” 

    So you might want to savor Nash’s last season(s) in Los Angeles, because it looks like that’ll be the last we see of him in a basketball context. Better yet, don’t watch him with the Lakers at all and try to remember the glory days in Dallas and Phoenix. 

Adrian Peterson Is a Good Talent Evaluator

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings 

    Date: August 2013

    Question: “Who do you think is the best rookie RB prospect in the NFL this year?”

    Answer: “Eddie Lacy, but he’s on a passing team. But that was a real good pickup…that I didn’t like.” 

    Passing team or not, the Packers’ Eddie Lacy won NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year last season. Peterson obviously has an eye for talent—especially at his own position. 

Roger Federer Will Let You Call Him 'Rog'

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Roger Federer, tennis

    Date: March 2013

    Question: “Can I call you Rog?”

    Answer: “Yes.” 

    Apparently, Federer isn’t big on formalities! If it applies to some random Redditor, then presumably it applies to the rest of us yokels as well. 

Elfrid Payton Has a Plethora of Ball-Handling Skills

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    Steve Freeman/Getty Images

    AMA: NBA Rookies/Elfrid Payton, Orlando Magic 

    Date: August

    Question: “What are some of your special talents outside of basketball?” 

    Answer: “I can juggle. Can do three now but trying to be able to do more.”

    Maybe Payton can fill the comic void left by Dwight Howard in the Magic’s locker room with his clownery. Not that it will be that hard. Howard isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is. 

Chris Kluwe Has Words for Skip Bayless…Harsh Ones

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    Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

    AMA: Chris Kluwe, NFL free agent

    Date: March 2012

    Question: “In 30 words or more, tell me how you feel about [ESPN’s] Skip Bayless.”

    Answer: “A mealy-mouthed, no-talent, garbage-spewing hack who has to dangle off the testicles of those who've actually done something with their lives because to actually attempt an athletic activity would leave him gasping for breath and weeping.”

    Something tells me Kluwe’s camp is pretty big on this one. When it comes to Bayless, people either love to hate him or just plain hate him. 

Celtics-Era Kevin Garnett Rubbed a Lot of People the Wrong Way

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: NBA ball boy, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Date: March 2012

    Question: “Who was the biggest [d-bag]? Who was really cool?”

    Answer: “Tim Duncan is super cool. Just a really respectful guy. … The entire Celtics’ team were real jerks. Not nearly as bad as the Knicks. … Biggest [d-bag] was easily Kevin Garnett. The guy literally had his own person to walk up and talk to him. I was informed to not ever tap directly to him.”

    Although AMA’s require proof of a person’s position, in this case we’re obviously talking about the opinions of one specific ball boy. That being said, it was an interesting read and he had far more good to say about most of the players/teams than bad. 

Mike Commodore Is an Interesting Roommate

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    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    AMA: Bret Hedican, retired NHL player

    Date: July 2014

    Question: “Who was your most eccentric roommate on the road, and why?”

    Answer: “Roomed with Mike Commodore for awhile, he had those nice robes he’d like to wear! Reminded me of Hugh Hefner!” 

    A Redditor noted Commodore was an unsurprising choice given this

Tiki Barber Thinks the Giants Were Better off Without Him

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    Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    AMA: Tiki Barber, retired NFL player

    Date: February 2013

    Question: “How often do you think about what could have been if you retired a year later? You were obviously still effective on the field, making it to the Pro Bowl.”

    Answer: “Not very often. I feel I was already moving forward in my professional life and, honestly, I'm not sure the Giants would have won the Super Bowl if I were still there. People put so much emphasis on me not being there, rather than where it belongs—with Eli [Manning] ascending to such a great player/leader late in the year. I'm not sure that would have happened if I were still there from a team dynamics standpoint.”

    Considering the ill will he earned with with his former teammates after making unpopular comments about the Giants that year, it’s hard to imagine anyone in New York would disagree with Barber’s assessment. 

Shabazz Napier Was Asked a Very Weird Predraft Question

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    Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

    AMA: NBA Rookies/Shabazz Napier, Miami Heat

    Date: August 2014

    Question: “What was the weirdest question a reporter or front office member asked you during your predraft interview?”

    Answer: “How many pennies are in a million dollars?”

    No surprise that ridiculously odd question has stuck with Napier. Being able to move decimals around for practical purposes is a skill most adults really should have, but professional athletes aren’t usually evaluated based on their mastery of practical mathematics. 

Coby Fleener Uncloaks Locker Room Mystique

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts 

    Date: July 2013

    Question: “Everyone always wants to know what happens in the locker room, so this is my question, what happens in the locker room?” 

    Answer: “Just a bunch of guys getting naked. Outside of that, I’d say it’s like hanging out with your friends…next to guys getting naked.” 

    Wait. Does everyone always want to know what happens in the locker room? I always assumed it was a bunch of naked guys trying to get dressed while reporters shove microphones in their faces. Fleener confirmed that assumption. 

Tony Hawk Gave Up the Violin for Skating

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    Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

    AMA: Tony Hawk, skateboarder

    Date: May 2014

    Question: “If you couldn’t be a pro skateboarder for whatever reason, what would be your next choice of a ‘dream job'?"

    Answer: “I gave up playing violin to pursue skating. I still get jealous when I see an accomplished concert violinist. They are badass.”

    Say what you will about the badassery of concert violinists, but that is an interesting piece of information revealed by Hawk. 

Thomas Davis Has Seen and Heard Some Gross Stuff

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers 

    Date: December

    Question: “What’s the craziest/funniest conversation you’ve had on the sideline?” 

    Answer: “We had a couple of dudes on the team that got hit so hard they messed their pants. That was crazy.” 

    Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis’ answer is definitely more crazy than funny, and pretty revelatory given the increasing public concern about the game’s safety. Players getting hit so hard they mess their pants seems like a story worth exploring.  

Jake Shields Wishes Fans Would Stop One Thing…

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    Andre Penner/Associated Press

    AMA: Jake Shields, UFC

    Date: March

    Statement: I saw you and your girlfriend on 7th Ave. in the Sunset just after your Hendo fight. I made super-awkward eye contact then after you crossed the street I sad "Jake!" You looked back and gave me a thumbs-up. Just wanted to say that was cool of you and I'm still awkward.”

    Retort: Always happy to say hi to the fans. I have some of the greatest fans out there. But please don’t say hi and try to shake my hand in the bathroom at a bar. This happens more than you would think.”

    Haha. Wow. It’s hard to believe that we live in a world in which people have to be reminded that harassing strangers in the bathroom is rarely well-received. But it seems that’s where we’re at! 

Intercepting a Pass from Jay Cutler Could Result in Stitches

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    Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press

    AMA: Reshard Langford, NFL free agent

    Date: September 2013 

    Question: “Did you pick off [Jay] Cutler in practice when you were both at Vandy?”

    Answer: I did pick off Cutler in practice while we were at Vandy. My first attempt didn't go so well as I split the webbing in between my middle finger and ring finger on my right hand trying to catch one of his balls during seven-on-seven in the offseason. Six stitches.”

    Well, he may not always perform up to his potential, but there’s no question that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has a cannon for an arm. 

James Harden Is Never Gonna Shave That Beard

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Chandler Parsons, Dallas Mavericks 

    Date: February

    Question: "What would it take [James] Harden to shave his beard?"

    Answer: "Nothing, we have tried and bet him on tons of things. He will never do it. Plus…have you seen him without it?"

    And it sounds like Parsons doesn’t think much of his former Rockets teammate’s face without his signature beard. (Cat fight noise)

Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Dodge Tough Questions

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings 

    Date: August 2013

    Question: “Had the Vikings not drafted you in 2007, which team would you have preferred to go to?” 

    Answer: “Texans!” 

    Normally players give diplomatic nonanswers to questions like that, but Peterson has made it clear that he wouldn’t mind playing in Texas. A few months after the AMA, AD revealed he would be OK with being traded to the Cowboys. 

Nik Stauskas Is Honest, Perhaps to a Fault

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    Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

    AMA: NBA Rookies/Nik Stauskas, Sacramento Kings

    Date: August

    Question: “What would you guess your [NBA]2K rating to be?”

    Answer: “It’s going to be horrible. In the 60s. I’ll be a 100 in shooting and 0 in everything else. No ball-handling.” 

    Talk about refreshing honesty! Unfortunately, Stauskas went a little overboard with the truth-telling when he admitted to listening to Justin Bieber during pregame warmups. Maybe he was just kidding about the Biebs, but that kind of stuff shouldn’t be joked about. 

Darren McCarty Values Punching This Face over a Championship

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    Al Bello/Getty Images

    AMA: Darren McCarty, retired NHL player

    Date: February

    Question: “What felt better, punching [Claude] Lemieux’s face in, or winning the 2008 Stanley Cup to cap your comeback?”

    Answer: “Punching Lemieux’s face in, because without that game on March 26, 1997, none of those Cups would have happened. Also the b-----d deserved it.”

    At the time McCarty was an enforcer for the Red Wings and Lemieux was an agitator that played for the Avalanche. Detroit and Colorado became heated adversaries in the 90s, and this was right around the peak of their rivalry. 

Julian Edelman Has a Penguin Preference

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    Jim Rogash/Getty Images

    AMA: Julian Edelman, New England Patriots 

    Date: November

    Question: “What’s your favorite kind of penguin?”

    Answer: I'm normally an emperor penguin guy but lately I've been partial to the chinstrap penguin.”

    Edelman’s interest in birds carries over to breakfast cereal—Puffins are his favorite. 

Jay Williams Has a Story About Coach K

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    Nick Laham/Getty Images

    AMA: Jay Williams, retired NBA player

    Date: April 2013

    Question: “Coach K is obviously one of the best to ever coach. Could you tell us your favorite Coach K moment, or perhaps your favorite piece of advice he ever gave you?”

    Answer: “Favorite Coach K moment: Him acting like Carlos Boozer and putting on his XXL sweatpants and top. Put on his wave cap and strutted around the gym with a pimp walk as if he was Booz. Hysterical man. This guy has a career in acting after coaching.”

    Coach K strutting around the gym with a pimp walk? That sound like quite a scene. 

If They Didn’t Play Football, They’d…

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    Doug Lindstrand/Associated Press

    Evan Mathis, Philadelphia Eagles: “I’d be a psychologist or writer. Perhaps both.” 

    Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings: “I’d own a couple [businesses]. Real estate. Property. I know a couple guys making some pretty good money in that world, so that would be something I’m interested in.”

    Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers: “Driving trucks. 18-wheelers.” 

Mick Foley Has Some Interesting Celebrity Gossip

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    Jeff Christensen/Associated Press

    AMA: Mick Foley, WWE HOF

    Date: June 2013

    Question: “What comedian do you think would make a good wrestler?”

    Answer: “I think, being that Judah Friedlander is already the world champion, he probably would do quite well in a match with Dolph Ziggler. And speaking of Dolph Ziggler, a friend of his, Amy Schumer, showed some interest in doing wrestling a while back.”

    Huh? Amy Schumer wanted to get into wrestling? That is a very interesting tidbit of information that, unfortunately, Foley didn’t further elaborate on. 

Connor Barwin Has His Priorities in Order

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Connor Barwin, Philadelphia Eagles 

    Date: June

    Question: “Chocolate or Vanilla? Basketball or Hockey? Boobs or Butt? Nick Foles or Joe Montana?”

    Answer: “Vanilla. Basketball. Boobs. Nick Foles. But I really like all those other things, too (especially butts).”

    Nick Foles over Joe Montana? Lies! 

Manu Ginobili Likes This Photo of Himself Almost as Much as We Do

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    AMA: Manu Ginobili, San Antonio Spurs

    Date: March 2013

    Question: “Have you ever seen this hilarious picture of you while you're about to check in to the game?”

    Answer: “Yes! I’ve seen it before. It’s really funny. Loved it!"

    Of course he loves that photo—it’s glorious. 

Terry Crews Wasn’t Always so Cool

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    Michael Buckner/Getty Images

    AMA: Terry Crews, retired NFL player

    Date: August 2012

    Question: “Where did you learn to dance so well?”

    Answer: “I used to break dance back in high school. I had no girlfriend, so I would spent hours in my room dancing by myself. The robot was the best because it was like an illusion. An you didn't need a partner. Lonely nights make the best robots.”

    You see, kids! It really does get better. 

Peter King Spent 3 Beautiful Days with John Madden Once

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Peter King, MMQB 

    Date: June 2013

    Question: “Who has been your favorite interview and why?”

    Answer: “Probably the three days I spent in a bus riding from Cal to NYC with John Madden. Never thought I'd talk Steinbeck with John Madden, or go smell wildflowers, but both happened.”

    Smelling wildflowers with John Madden is one of those things you spend at least a few minutes remembering on your death bed. 

Evan Mathis Can Pound Some Brew

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Connor Barwin, Philadelphia Eagles 

    Date: June

    Question: “What is the fastest you’ve seen someone drink five beers? And what kind of legend would be able to do something like that?

    Answer: “I saw Evan Mathis drink five beers in 1:42 last summer, and he has video proof. Annoy him till he posts."

    If you’re thinking that person who asked that question was probably Barwin’s teammate Evan Mathis, you are absolutely right. Now go annoy him till he posts proof. (Pics or it didn’t happen.)

Game Night at Jrue Holiday’s House Is Intense

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Jrue Holiday, New Orleans Pelicans 

    Date: June

    Question: “Who would you say is more competitive, you or your wife, Lauren?”

    Answer: “My wife, for sure. We can't play card games anymore haha. We've gotten into fights over UNO and Phase 10. In UNO, yea, she beats me basically every time though.”

    Getting into a fight with your wife over UNO is now the true measure of an athlete’s competitive spirit. I’m not lying when I say how much I respect Lauren Holiday—anyone can get excited about a basketball game. Getting crazy over a card game is on another level. 

Alexander Gustafsson Doesn’t Like the Idea of Judges Judging Stuff

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    USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Alexander Gustafsson, UFC

    Date: June

    Question: “As a fighter that was on the wrong side of a closely scored fight, do you feel there needs to be an overhaul to the way fights are scored? If so what would be your recommendation to fix it?”

    Answer: “I think we shouldn't leave the decision to the judges.”

    Well then what should the judges be doing? And if they were stripped of their only responsibly, who would determine the winner? Maybe a call-in fan vote like American Idol—that could be fun. 

Joel Embiid Just Wants the Best for You

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    Juan Ocampo/Getty Images

    AMA: NBA Rookies/Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

    Date: August

    Question: “If you had three wishes but none of them can have to do with basketball, what would they be?”

    Answer: “First, be the best soccer player ever. Second, get a James Harden beard. Third, for you to be happy.” 

    Awwww. Your happiness is one of Joel Embiid’s top priorities. How can you not love this kid?

Jared Allen Is Everything You Think and More

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    Harry Engels/Getty Images

    AMA: Chris Kluwe, Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings 

    Date: March 2012, August 2013 

    Question: “Is Jared Allen as cool as his mullet?”

    CK Answer: “Cooler.”

    Question: “What is your favorite Jared Allen story to tell??”

    CK Answer: “When he [came] in during OTAs and said, ‘Hey, guys, check out this video!’ Then he showed us a YouTube video of him throwing a spear at a deer. That was something you don’t see every day.” 

    Question: “Who is the funniest person on the team?”

    AP Answer: “Funniest guy is Jared Allen.” 

    Question: “Have any pranks ever happened among you and your teammates?”

    AP Answer: “Not too many pranks, but we’ve had Jared Allen come into team meetings in a speedo and cowboy hat. He is crazy. “

    Yep. That all checks out. 

Shaquille O’Neal Isn’t Working on a New Rap Album

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    Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

    AMA: Shaquille O’Neal, retired NBA player 

    Date: February

    Question: “Shaq, I really liked your rap album, Can't Stop the [Reign]. My local college radio is waiting for a follow-up to that, is it gonna happen?”

    Answer: “2019 Nebruary.” 

    I think that I speak for everyone when I say, thank God. Oh, and in case you've been holding your breath, Shaq also says not to expect another Kazaam.