Greg Ellis Left Out To Dry In His Last Year As A Cowboy

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2009

Greg Ellis was on the Michael Irvin Show and let out some details about how his last year went in Dallas.

He went over many subjects. He talked about not being used in games as much as he'd like. He was put in to fall back in coverage alot.

He mentioned how guys wouldn't go all out for games or practice. They assumed that they'd be able to win games due to their talent. He had to remind them that they haven't won a Super Bowl let alone a playoff game since he's been there.

Guys would approach him and ask him why wouldn't he do more and he'd respond by telling them, "I can't do anything if they won't allow me to do anything".

He went on to make comments like, "How can I be a leader when you won't allow me to play? How can I be a leader when guys on the field come up to me and say, 'Why aren't you on the field?"

He talked about going up to Wade Phillips in a game week eight vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he asked him if he could rush the QB some instead of falling back into coverage. Phillips let him rush more and even though he wasn't able to come up with a sack, he had bunch of QB rushes that helped out. Phillips even told him that was the best defensive performance he'd seen. How'd it work out for Dallas? They won that game, 13-9, holding the Buccaneers to nothing but field goals.

The next game they go out to play the Giants. He asks Phillips to speak to the team and motivate them and he does. How does Phillips handle it this time? Ellis gets ten snaps. Ellis went on to say, "Guys aren't going to receive what I'm saying when I'm stuck on the bench."

He went on to talk about DeMarcus Ware dissapearing during games so that he (Ellis) could get snaps. Ware later responded to those comments saying he was just dehydrated and needed to get some rest. Ware mentioned he still got to play about 95 percent of the snaps.

He is obviously respected by Terell Owens, DeMarcus Ware, Michael Irvin, and many Cowboy fans. It's too bad his tenure had to end the way it did. For those who were wondering why he wanted out of Dallas, that's why.

As for him coming to Oakland, he mentioned how he wanted to be apart of something that got turned around. That's great. The Raiders have young DE's (Trevor Scott, Jay Richardson and Matt Shaughnessy) on the roster that need guidance from a vocal veteran. That's what he'll provide.

You have to love that fact that the Raiders implement a four man pass rush and he'll thrive here because he won't be asked to drop back. He was able to squeeze out eight sacks during a year where he was limited on the snaps he played. Not just limited in snaps, but also in what he could do on the field.

Greg Ellis has a chip on his shoulder from the way Dallas treated him last year and the Raiders will benifit from this. He'll make them regret their actions. Watch out Cowboy fans because the Raiders defensive front led by Greg Ellis will see you personally, Nov. 26, 2009 on Thanksgiving in your pretty new stadium. Beware.

The interview can be heard here Greg Ellis Interview.