UFC 100: Will It Set the World on Fire?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 9, 2009

Maybe the whole world is not ablaze with anticipation of the MMA event of the year, UFC 100, but I certainly am having unexpected hot flashes and night sweats over it.

None of my friends have heard from me, and I get emails asking about my health and well being.

As hard as I tried to remain quietly optimistic, the anticipation is wearing away my patience and good nature.

Wait a minute!

I am not really known for being good natured, am I?

It seems more that I am likely to tick off all of my once good friends with my frequent mood swings and hyper-irritability, right?

OK. I've located the real Granny now.

Reading all the hype about the card for July 11 has caused a dimming of my vision that usually is associated with only the worse exacerbation of my disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

In the past I have actually experienced spells of blindness due to "my disease."

Although I actually did not choose to "have it," the results are still the same, and I am plagued with stress over my favorite past time, MMA.

Going into this event I wanted three results: Dan Henderson, Frank Mir, and Georges St-Pierre to come out of their matches victorious.

Then I began to bargain with God.

OK. It is my worst habit and I will admit it.

First, I decided that if Bisping won, it wouldn't cause the world to crack open with a gush of lava.

Then, I decided that since a former friend would indeed survive if Frank Mir didn't win and put Brock Lesnar where we both agree he belongs, I guess that life would go on in Nova Scotia.

The deal breaker, of course, is Georges St-Pierre

No one works harder than Georges to be where he is, regardless of what others may claim.

Even my Creator will acknowledge this, so I don't feel I am asking for too much.

Because life can be exhausting for me and pondering the Alves vs St-Pierre question has weighed so heavily on my mind and completely wrecked my diet, I have been sleeping excessively.

There are only two people my husband would dare wake me up to talk to and, of course, they have not called.

Saturday can not arrive too soon!

If anyone asked at this point who else is on the card, I really could not say.

Life has revolved around the three fights and my back and forth predicament—if you can only choose one...

Well, the world may not come to an end, but for me it is hanging in the balance until the final results are in and God sends an answer to my offers of obedience if I can just have that one thing.

Come on! You all know what that one thing is, don't try to mess with Grandma!