Shawn Marion to Dallas Mavericks: Cuban Proves Everyday He is Hustlin

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Shawn Marion to Dallas Mavericks: Cuban Proves Everyday He is Hustlin
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Even though I am not a fan of Rick Ross (be who you are, no need to front Officer Ricky...) his song was made famous by Katt Williams, showing what like is like if you lived the words of the song.  His character is hustling, working in an office and a fast food location.  That is the type of attitude that you need to be successful in your job.

Mark Cuban is the Hustler of the NBA.  If you are to fault Mark Cuban, his fault is that he cares.  (Just like the NBA...and the seats) He is the true definition of a fan, as he is fanatical about the Mavericks.

In his neverending quest to push the Mavericks to the promised land, word on the street is that they are trying to land Shawn Marion from the Raptors.  Lets look at this from all parties involved. reports the rumor...

It appears that the Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors have successfully recruited the Memphis Grizzlies to help them complete a trade that would eventually route free-agent swingman Shawn Marion to the Mavericks, according to NBA front-office sources.

From the Mavericks standpoint, it's clearly necessary.  You need to have more weapons than you have right now.  Marion would give you another player with some bounce still left in his legs. 

You can go small, with the Terry/Kidd back court with the frontcourt of Howard, Marion and Diggler at the five.  That is your fast (relatively speaking, and gets faster with Barea) lineup that you use to outscore other teams.

The starting lineup will most likely look traditional with Kidd/Howard backcourt, with Marion at the three, Dirk at the four, and Damp getting the start at the five (this assumes that the Magic do not match the MLE offer that Mavs made to Marcin Gortat, which is tough, because they are light in the frontcourt, in particular, the backup pivot).

But, the Mavs have incentive to NOT play Damp. Here is an interesting notation about his contract.

Erick Dampier

Signed a 7 year, $73 million contract 8/25/04

Free agent: Summer 2011

Contract breakdown:

  2004-2005   $7,700,000

  2005-2006   $8,662,500

  2006-2007   $9,628,000

  2007-2008  $10,590,500

  2008-2009  $11,553,000

  2009-2010  $12,115,500

  2010-2011  $13,078,000

I know the numbers blind you.  Yes, he is extremely overpaid.  But, he can
 be an expiring contract that can be another weapon to wield in the great
Free Agent class of 2010.

His last year becomes guaranteed if:

a) Dampier is selected to play in any three NBA All-Star Games out of the 2004-2005 through the 2009-2010 seasons, or

b) Dampier plays at least 2,100 minutes in the 70 regular season games in the 2009-2010 season in which he plays the most minutes (and if he plays in less than 70 regular season games in the 2009-2010 season, then he must play at least 2,100 minutes for the entire regular season.)

Year                    GAMES   Minutes





















Let's do some simple math. There is a maximum of 3936 minutes.  Here are the all time most minutes played in NBA history (excluding ABA records…) thanks







Wilt Chamberlain*




Wilt Chamberlain*




Wilt Chamberlain*




Wilt Chamberlain*




Wilt Chamberlain*



We know that Damp is not Wilt.  But, Damp would just have to average 25.6 minutes a game to guarantee the option in his deal for 2010.  Right there, that is reason to run out the small lineup as much as possible. 

With the looming loss of Brandon Bass, the backup power forward slot is important as well.  Adding the fact that the Mavs have signed Gortat to a five year deal, they have every reason to minimize the minutes of Dampier.

If nothing else, you have to like an owner who wants to eliminate earlier mistakes.  While the team will not contend for a championship, the new Mavs of 09-10 will be a fun, hustling, playoff team. 

This is the type of owner I want for my team.  One that is forward thinking, but is also willing to give opportunities for success immediately.  Dirk and Kidd are winding down their careers.  But their games translate well into late career success.

Both are good outside shooters (make you Ason Kidd jokes, get it, no J... but check his three point percentage) and both can rebound.  Cuban has allowed the Mavs to be relevant for the next three years.

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