WWE SummerSlam 2014: Worst Matches in History of PPV

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WWE SummerSlam 2014: Worst Matches in History of PPV

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    SummerSlam is one of the longest-running traditions in WWE, and it's the company's second-biggest night of the year behind WrestleMania, but that doesn't mean that every match is guaranteed to be good.

    In fact, almost every single year, there is at least one match that leaves fans scratching their head as to how it got on the card for one of the biggest shows all year.

    Sometimes, these matches serve as a good opportunity to get in a quick bathroom break or replenish your refreshments, but you don't always know which match will be the stinker, making it tough to plan ahead.

    Sometimes a match is bad because of how much time it has, sometimes it's because of two incompatible wrestlers, and sometimes it's just a wrong-place, wrong-time situation.

    This slideshow will look back throughout the years and look at some of the worst matches to ever be featured on a SummerSlam pay-per-view. The list will be in chronological order, because after all, it's hard to rank things from bad to worse.

1989: Greg Valentine vs. Hercules

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    Greg Valentine is a wrestling legend, and nobody can take that away from him, but this bout is not going to be featured on any highlight reels anytime soon.

    Not only was the action in the match very simplistic and sloppy, but the fact that Ronnie Garvin was delivering some of the worst insults and jokes as the ring announcer made it unbearable.

    Telling Valentine that he had two left feet and was 30 pounds overweight were insults you would expect from a fifth-grader, not a veteran of the business.

    Valentine won the match in just over three minutes by using the ropes for leverage during a pin, so at least we were spared from this being a long bout.

1990: Randy Savage vs. Dusty Rhodes

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    You would think that a match featuring two of the greatest wrestlers of all time on a stage like SummerSlam would be a spectacle and an instant classic. That is not the case with this one.

    Not only did the match last just over two minutes, but it did not feature any of the traits that made Randy Savage or Dusty Rhodes great wrestlers.

    Both men exchanged a few shots, Sensation Sherri provided a distraction, and then Savage got a dirty win by hitting Dusty with Sherri's purse while the ref had his back turned.

    The bout wasn't even really about these two men. Ted DiBiase had stolen Sapphire from Dusty and had taunted The American Dream with her as he made his way to the ring to face Savage.

    SummerSlam 1990 had some memorable moments, but this wasn't one of them.

1992: Nailz vs. Virgil

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    SummerSlam 1992 was a great show that featured some classic moments, including the now legendary main event match between Bret Hart and The British Bulldog for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but it also featured some filler that served better as a bathroom break than a match.

    One such bout was Nailz vs. Virgil. Fans had just finished watching Money Inc. have a fun match with The Legion of Doom when they were immediately deflated by this one.

    At this point, Virgil had gone off on his own and had become a babyface. He will always be known as one of the greatest bodyguards in the business, but his wrestling ability had something to be desired.

    Add that to the fact that Nailz wasn't that good to begin with, and you have the makings of a real dud, which it most certainly was. Nailz ended up choking out Virgil to win the match.

    This bout also serves as a reminder that WWE used to just throw an outfit on a guy and call him a character. Nailz just wore an orange jumpsuit and acted like a stereotype of an ex-con.

    It makes you appreciate what WWE Creative comes up with today. Now we have ballroom dancers. Wait a second...

1993: Ludvig Borga vs. Marty Jannetty

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    SummerSlam 1993 was a decent show, but it had a couple of matches that wouldn't make the cut by today's standards. One of them was Ludvig Borga vs. Marty Jannetty.

    Jannetty was still a highly gifted wrestler, but he never really got over as a singles wrestler in WWE, at least not like he had hoped.

    Borga was just another foreign heel who hated America and had a goal of crushing all the American wrestlers. He wasn't even feuding with Jannetty at this point. His promo video for this match was all about Lex Luger.

    Borga spent just about as much time posturing for the crowd as he did wrestling, which is a shame because he actually showed a lot of promise.

    Even though the pace was decent, there wasn't anything about this match that stood out, and it exposed some of the weaknesses Borga had in the ring.

1994: Jeff Jarrett vs. Mabel

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    Mable was at the height of his physical capabilities inside the ring during this period, but this match did not exactly highlight what made the big man special.

    Jeff Jarrett was a good technical wrestler, and Mabel was a popular babyface. The crowd seemed to be entertained a little, but this was just plain boring.

    Jarrett was limited with what he could do against such a big opponent, and Mabel relied mostly on strikes and a couple big power moves.

    SummerSlam 1994 featured some great moments, but I am betting a lot of people used this as an opportunity to run to the concession stand.

1997: Los Boricuas vs. DOA

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    This was basically WWE's version of a gang war. On one side of the ring, you had the Puerto Rican gang, Los Boricuas, and on the other, you had the biker gang, The Disciples of Apocalypse.

    The saddest part of this feud is that the only two men whom fans may even remember were Savio Vega and Crush. There wasn't anyone else who made much of a name for himself outside of these groups.

    WWE had a period where there were several different stables running at once, with each one having four or more members. These two had quite a long feud that featured some entertaining moments, but this was not their best match.

    This was a typical eight-man match. Lots of quick tags and very little sense to the action. Nobody had a significant amount of time in the ring, and most of what we saw was very basic wrestling with too much going on for anyone to look good.

    The Nation of Domination helped influence the decision by taking out one of the Disciples of Apocalypse, but after the bell rang, all three groups started brawling until they cut to a video package.

2008: Triple H vs. Khali

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    It's hard to believe that Khali has been in WWE since 2006. Eight years is a long time, especially in the career of a pro wrestler.

    Just under two years into his run, Khali was pushed to the main event scene. He won the world title, but that was his highest point.

    SummerSlam 2008 saw him challenge Triple H for the WWE title, but he was more of an obstacle for Trips to overcome than he was a legit challenger to the belt.

    Even with all the talent Triple H has, he was unable to keep this from being the worst match on the card that year.

2009: Kane vs. Khali

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    Kane is one of the most gifted big men in the history of professional wrestling, but putting him in the ring with one of the worst was bound to lead to a terrible outing.

    Khali is essentially just a media tool for WWE in India, where he is a big celebrity, but putting him in a high-profile match on one of the biggest events of the year was a mistake.

    Kane has more agility than people realize, and he was able to look like a cruiserweight next to the bumbling Khali. The match lasted just under six minutes, but most fans probably would have preferred six seconds.

    If fans didn't know Khali's shortcomings before this bout, they certainly did when it as over. Kane did his best to make it entertaining, but it was still an awkward encounter that did nothing for either man.

2010: Melina vs. Alicia Fox

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    Remember when Stone Cold Steve Austin asked Cameron what her favorite match was during her stint on Tough Enough? Remember what her answer was?

    That's right—it was Melina vs. Alicia Fox. Austin ridiculed her choice, not as a way to disrespect the Divas, but as a way of pointing out that she had no idea what a good match was.

    And he was right. This was not an example of a good match. Hell, it wasn't even an example of a mediocre match. It was a mess.

    Beth Phoenix was always one of the more talented Divas, and Alicia Fox has made great improvements over the years, but this match was a poor example of what they were capable of.

2011: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

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    Beth Phoenix was one of the strongest and most talented Divas on the roster during her time with the company, but her match with Kelly Kelly at SummerSlam 2011 did nothing to help her legacy.

    Kelly was easily one of the most over Divas in WWE, but that had more to do with her looks and personality than it did her ability between the ropes.

    The bout they had at SummerSlam lasted just over six minutes, and it was the longest six minutes of the show. Most of the moves looked sloppy, and Phoenix was unable to use her ability to make Kelly look good.

    Both women brought different things to the WWE while employed, but that did not stop this match from ending up on the list.

2013: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane

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    It might be hard to believe one of WWE's hottest acts at the moment had a bit of a rough start, but that is exactly what happened when Bray Wyatt took on Kane in his PPV debut.

    The two evil characters faced off in a Ring of Fire match, which used to be called an Inferno match. It was slow-paced and did not allow the Superstars to do any of the things that make them who they are.

    Wyatt came away as the victor, but he did not look good in the process. It took WWE a few months and some bad booking decisions before it realized how to effectively use Bray Wyatt.

    Nowadays, he is one of the most intriguing and reliable characters in all of wrestling, but this match did nothing to help him get there.

    SummerSlam is always good for a few great matches, but these matches definitely won't be on any highlight reels any time soon. What are some SummerSlam matches you remember as being especially bad?

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