Tour de France Rider Thomas Voeckler Stops Mid-Race to Yell at Spectators

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 22, 2014


The Tour de France is entering its most excruciating stages, and, as you'd expect, riders' nerves are running raw.

After two weeks of warning fans to stop putting themselves in front of the racer, cyclists are beginning to lose their patience with spectators.

Thus, we have Team Europcar rider Thomas Voeckler stopping in the middle of the race Friday to scold a fan who apparently crossed the line with the French cyclist.

For The Win's Nina Mandell (h/t Mike Singer of CBS Sports) spotted video of the incident, which shows Voeckler slowing down, unclipping and screaming at the bewildered spectator.

The spectator yells back, "I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry."

It's unclear what the spectator initially said, but it struck a chord with the fiery French rider known for his willingness to take and dish out pain in the Tour.

You're probably wondering why someone would stop in the middle of the race. The answer is that Voeckler is crazy and has no chance of winning this race anyway.

The Europcar rider is an hour-and-a-half behind the race leader, and stopping to put some goon in his place doesn't really matter in the long run.

Voeckler is here to kick butt and win Tours—and he's all out of Tours to win.


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