Analyzing Tour De France Winner, Top Finishers

By Rory Marsden (Photo: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Associated Press)

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    Italy's Nibali Wins Tour de France

    by Sean ODonnell

    With time on his side entering the final segment of the 2014 Tour de France , Italy's Vincenzo Nibali earned the overall victory in the prestigious race Sunday... Read More »

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    Tour De France 2014 Prize Money

    by Donald Wood

    The 2014 Tour de France is complete, and after 21 stages of intense racing, it’s finally time to determine which cyclist and team will receive the prize money on the line for this event... Read More »

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    Tour De France Stage 21 Full Preview

    by Gianni Verschueren

    After three long weeks of dreadful weather conditions, rough climbs and a number of heavy crashes, what's left of the peloton will get to savour their reward on Sunday—the ... Read More »

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    Cyclist Has Crazy-Looking Legs

    by Tyler Brooke

    Tour de France cyclists have to have extremely strong legs to compete, but these legs are just crazy. After racing in Stage 18 of this year's Tour de France, cyclist Bartosz Huzarski's legs looked m... Read More »

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    Viewer's Guide to Tour de France Stage 20

    by Gianni Verschueren

    The 2014 Tour de France organisers probably envisioned Stage 20 as the ultimate challenge for the yellow jersey—the only individual time trial of the entire race, just two days after th... Read More »