Jericho's New Partner

Juan Correspondent IJuly 7, 2009

We all know Edge is hurt. He's injured and might be out for a long time. He might even be out till 2010. 

Everyone's wondering what will happen to the Tag Team Champs, Jericho and Edge. There have been a few articles on that too.

Some say that they should lose the titles to Legacy at Night of Champions. This will help Jericho be in the main event picture. Others say someone should replace Edge, such as Dolph Ziggler. 

I think that is exactly what they should do. Why?

For one, Ted DiBiase looks like he is leaving Legacy soon by turning on them. So, they shouldn't be the champions. 

Another reason is because Jericho can keep the tag team division alive with his partner. Plus with him out of the main event picture, CM Punk will develop his new character with Jeff Hardy until that storyline is over. 

The question is, who should be Jericho's new partner?

I say we take Christian from ECW and put him on Smackdown. Edge could tell the fans that he is injured, and therefore cannot perform at Night of Champions. 

Since Edge and Christian are brothers in the WWE, Edge could tell Chris Jericho that Christian is someone who Jericho can trust and let him take his place. 

They would still be the Canadiens, if they ever planned on using that as part of their storylines, which I highly doubt. 

They would definitely keep the tag team division alive as they are both top workers. Christian coming to Smackdown can also mean that Christian will be in the main event picture soon. 

There would be one problem: ECW will be robbed of one of their finest wrestlers. They would be left with Tommy Dreamer as their top guy. 

Maybe they can trade Christian for someone on Smackdown, like Kane. Even though Rey Mysterio deserves to be on Smackdown, he can do a lot of help in ECW.

This can also develop into a future program with Edge and Christian. When Edge comes back and if Jericho and Christian are still the champs, Christian might refuse to give Edge his spot back. This could develop into a Christian vs. Edge feud, which I know we all want to see. 

Or, Christian might refuse to leave his spot, so Edge might tell Jericho to give him his spot. This could mean a reunion of Edge and Christian. 

Either way, this is the best way for them to go. Like I said, the only problem I see, is with ECW.