Inside ESPN's $23,000 ESPYs Gift Bag

Ken ChinSocial Media StaffJuly 16, 2014


ESPN's annual sports awards show, the ESPYs, is airing tonight, and the red carpet will be full of athletes and celebrities. 

One of the many perks of attending the ESPYs has to be the gift bag, valued at $23,000, according to SI's Richard Deitsch: 

First, Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will give us a sneak peek of what's inside: 

 It comes with a breathalyzer. So no DUIs tonight! 


The bag also includes a showerhead with speaker, so your roommates will now be spared from hearing you sing. 


But there is one catch: NCAA athletes (looking at you, Jameis Winston!) aren't allowed to accept the gift bags, per NCAA rules. 

The most random gift? The bag includes a vacuum. 

Head over to Styleblazer to check out the rest of the items! Not only are you rich and famous, but you get tons of free stuff! 

[ESPN, h/t: Styleblazer]