The Makers Of Modern Day Football.

ChicagoSportsfan thatsrightCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2009

       George Halas and Sid Luckman are arguably the most innovative duo to ever play,coach, and be involved in the sport of football. Sid was the first T-formation quarterback to successfully throw the ball on a regular basis. Prior to this complex offensive scheme created by Chicago Bears founder George "papa bear" Halas,and his coaching staff, football was primarily a running game.There would be an occasional pass on long third down conversions,and the half-back would throw the ball in these scenarios.The Quarterback was primarily a blocking back,and infrequently handled the ball. Sid was a single wing tail-back at Columbia University who caught the ears of George Halas. The Bears owner had heard about Luckman's throwing abilities, and thought he would be the right quarterback for his new T-formation offense. Halas wanted Luckman so bad he convinced the Pittsburgh Steelers to draft him 2nd overall, and trade him to the Bears. Initially however, Sid Luckman was reluctant to play professional football, and was going to work for his Father-in-law's trucking company. George Halas worked through these speed bumps, and was able to convince Sid to play for the Bears over a dinner in Sid's small apartment and a contract for $5,500. For George Halas, this was magic in the making. Sid came onto the scene, and during his second season,lead the Bears to the championship. In this game, the Bears beat the Redskins in the most lopsided victory in the sport of football, 73-0. Sid then joined the U.S. Merchant Marine in 1943, and couldn't practice with the team, but was still allowed to play in games. He was still able to win a championship during the first year he was playing football as a part-time job(lets see modern QB's do that). He then came back and played full-time in 1946. During his career he has some amazing feats that he accomplished. Sid was the first player to ever throw over 400 yards in a game and he also threw 7 touchdown passes in this game. Seven touchdowns is tied for the most ever in one game.He won MVP of the league in 1943,which also was the first year that he was enlisted. I think the most amazing stat though is he only threw 1,747 passes,and they resulted in 189 touchdowns. That is an all time record of passes resulting in touchdowns with 7.9%.So, the point of this is to say,without George Halas, Sid Luckman and the Bears,modern day football may not be where it is today.