My New Addiction, Ring of Honor, Presents: Delirious

No BodyCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

First of all, a big shout out to Ray Bogusz for his articles on Ring of Honor wrestlers and getting me interested in this great wrestling organization.

The first match I ever saw in Ring of Honor, which happened to be yesterday, featured Delirious vs. Jerry Lynn. While both of these two are great athletes and put on an excellent show, I chose to write about Delirious because he seemed like quite an interesting character right away.

And I was correct. Delirious is a demented, high-energy, high-flying, maniac who goes crazy at the sound of the bell and doesn't let up from that point forward. He's like Festus. That is, if Festus was awesome.

Although Delirious lost his first match that I saw, he still managed to amaze me with his in-ring style and incredible athleticism. What makes him an incredible athlete is the fact that he is able to pull off both power moves as well as the high risk moves that amaze the fans.

Delirious has a few unique moves including his finisher, Shadows over Hell. This is a top rope move in which he does a splash onto the opponent who is either bent over or on all fours. This move is kind of hard to explain and much easier to just see it performed.

I would suggest you watch The Top Ten Moves of Delirious. While some of these moves are not exclusive to Delirious, he still pulls them off excellently and makes the viewer feel like he is actually inflicting a lot of pain to his opponent.

I think my personal favorite move of Delirious would have to be his Panic Attack. Its basically a running knee to the face of a downed opponent, usually in the corner. Although its a relatively simple move, Delirious makes it look so realistic that it leaves me amazed every time.

Delirious was quite recently in a Fight Without Honor match against Jimmy Jacobs. This is basically RoH's version of a No Holds Barred Match. I found this match particularly entertaining and would highly recommend it to any wrestling fan.

This match, along with every other RoH match on HDNet, can be found on RoH's youtube channel. I ask you to check it out at least once. RoH is just as good as WWE and far better than TNA in my opinion. They get straight to the wrestling and don't worry about PG guidelines. I loved it after the first match, so hopefully you will too.

As always thanks for reading and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

And thanks once again to Ray Bogusz for getting me into RoH!