Ronda Rousey Proves She's Unstoppable After Dismantling Alexis Davis at UFC 175

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Ronda Rousey Proves She's Unstoppable After Dismantling Alexis Davis at UFC 175

Sixteen seconds.

That's all it took for Ronda Rousey to completely dismantle Alexis Davis at UFC 175. Rousey, of course, is known for her prowess in the octagon, but 16 seconds? That's just absurd.

USA Today's Twitter account provided its followers with the entire fight in one .GIF:

Mandalay Bay Events Center played host to one of the most dominant displays of mixed martial arts in recent memory, and it all happened so fast it was almost impossible to describe with words. Mike Chiappetta of Fox Sports did a good job of doing so, however:

"The fight was a blur," he wrote. "Rousey wobbled Davis with a right hand behind the ear, landed a knee, used a judo throw to put Davis on the mat, and landed a series of undefended punches until Davis was unconscious."

That said, Fox Sports' UFC Twitter account couldn't come up with words on the spot:

The armbar is usually Rousey's finisher of choice, but this marks the second-straight fight Rousey knocked out her opponent. The last one came in February against Sara McMann.

Nobody could have seen this coming. While a victory from Rousey was pretty much expected, analysts familiar with the two competitors were assured that this would be a competitive bout. Davis, a seven-year pro, is widely recognized as one of the tougher fighters in women's MMA


Her black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu was used as reasoning for her potential to stay in the fight, but it didn't aid her performance on Saturday night.

Given all the pre-fight buzz thrown Davis' way, this fight has to be the one that proves that Rousey is absolutely unstoppable.

Even against the fighter who was supposed to be one of her toughest opponents, the 27-year-old prevailed. She showed that she can be a striker and proved to her doubters that she's just as competent on her feet as she is on the ground.

Her complete arsenal has allowed her to dominate many fighters in previous fights, as evidenced by ESPN Stats & Info:

The future is a bit unclear for Rousey, however. There's an opening for a main event on August 2 at UFC 176, but the champion is scheduled for knee surgery in the near future, reports MMA Weekly, via Yahoo Sports.

That said, it seems like she might want to fight in a month:

Even a semi-hobbled Rousey has to be considered a favorite over potential competitors, especially after the beatdown she put on Davis on Saturday night.

Rousey didn't even break a sweat, and there will be more fights like this one in her future. She's simply head and shoulders above every single other fighter.

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