Dana White on Cyborg Justino: We Offered Her the Same Contract as Ronda Rousey

Nathan McCarterFeatured ColumnistJuly 6, 2014

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

One of the highlights of any UFC fight week is the media scrum with Dana White after an event. UFC 175 was no exception.

These scrums often provide little nuggets of information that pique fans' interest. Among the many topics discussed after a Ronda Rousey fight is almost always Cris “Cyborg” Justino. However, White offered a bit more information during this particular scrum.

White began by asking the surrounding media who would like him to sign Cyborg. All but one media member raised their hand, per Marc Raimondi of Fox Sports. This launched the UFC President into a short tirade about how if he did sign Cyborg the media would then write scathing articles about signing a fighter who has a storied history with a positive drug test.

He has ripped into Justino plenty in the past. Most famously at a media luncheon at UFC headquarters in Las Vegas earlier this year.

What was new was the revelation that the UFC offered Cyborg a contract once Zuffa, the UFC's parent company, bought Strikeforce, per writer Andreas Hale.

Cyborg's Last Five Fights
def. Marloes CoenenInvicta FC 67/13/13Won Invicta FC Featherweight Title
def. Fiona MuxlowInvicta FC 54/5/13
No Dec vs. Hiroko YamanakaStrikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal12/17/11Win Overturned for Positive Drug Test
def. Jan FinneyStrikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum6/26/2010Defended Strikeforce Featherweight Title
def. Marloes CoenenStrikeforce: Miami1/30/2010Defended Strikeforce Featherweight Title

White said that they offered Cyborg the exact same deal that they offered to Rousey—and Cyborg turned it down.

It is undetermined what that contract was actually for, but Rousey's dominance has given her a salary bump leading into UFC 175—a reported $60,000. That does not factor in any pay-per-view revenue or bonuses.

If Cyborg went on a similar run it could be expected that she would have a similar contract as they are the sport's two biggest female stars.

The most anticipated female fight on the table may have already happened if Cyborg had signed the original offer the UFC submitted to her team, but she chose to reject the contract. White has since only shown a smattering of interest in the No. 1-ranked featherweight.

If the UFC does re-enter negotiations with Cyborg there are still questions about how it would work. She has never made 135 pounds in her career, and she has even missed weight when trying to cut to 145 pounds. Would it be a one-off spectacle against Rousey, or would she try to lose some mass to join the bantamweight division?

Those are large questions that only the UFC knows.

There is still plenty of interest surrounding a potential fight between Rousey and Cyborg, but nothing seems like it is on the horizon.