Why Do People Hate On The Raiders

Javon BarkusContributor IJuly 4, 2009

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 16:  The Oakland Raiders leave the field under a banner expressing the fans sentiments as the Denver Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders 23-20 in overtime during week two NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 16, 2007 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I am so sick and tired Raider haters every where on I go ESPN,NFL network,NFL live even on the streets what did the raiders do to make everybody hate so much.

Why do people hate on the Raider so much i have no idea no clue.....oh mabey becuz were one of the best franchises in sports history not just the NFL in all of sports, maybe becuz we've been to the superbowl in every decade oh...maybe becuz we have the best fan base in all of sports every where i go i see i raider hater but i see more Raider fans,fans in every state, kansas city's ah extra two home games for us every year.

Like al davis said we have the greatest player (13 in hall of fame)were in the greatest games and everyone always forgets were the most winningest team in NFL that seems to slip everyone's mind.I think they hate becuz we kick their ass in ever stat catagory and we stomped all over thier ass for decades in them old games we see on NFL network getting to the superbowl five times winning three if it wasnt for some close call's like the tuck rule maybe will have more.It always seems like the ref's has it out for us calls never go our way but that's for every bay area team.

On sports show they try to make a joke out of the raiders every chance they get but theirs some that talk good about the Raiders but the whole NFL live cast never says anything possitive everytime the topic is about the raiders it's always something negitive never how their improving.NFL network just yesterday talk about how their improving Rod Woodson and Jamie Dukes they had possitive things to say saying they have a shot at a playoff run Mark Schlereth,Tim Hasselbeck,Tren Dilfer would definitely disagree with that.Trent dilfer and Tim Hasselbeck always try to critisize Jamarcus russell saying he's a bust trent Dilfer also said alex smith will have a better carrer than jamarcus that's bullshit he dosent even start he's ah bust and how could jamarcus be ah bust when he's only in his third season started 15 games last year missed his first year from contract dispute and he's already considerd a bust come on that's bull shit alex smith was drafted in 05 and aint did shit their's no bust talk about him what is wrong with people.

People are just mad we have great history and tradition.

This Raider team needs to take all that hate and prove people wrong and improve this season win more games so everybody could stop the hate and we could gain respect in the NFL and get back to the Raiders that were used to.People like myself that bleed silver & black no how erritating it is to see people hate on your team but like katt williams said if aint nobody hating on you your doing something wrong.