Wildcat Titans!!! 615

Brad StineContributor IJuly 4, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - MAY 1: Jeff Fisher, head coach of the Tennessee Titans watches the action during the Tennessee Titans Minicamp on May 1, 2009 at Baptist Sports Park in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

This is my 1st article, so let's see how it goes.

First of all... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Nice to celebrate living in the most Kick A$$ country in the world!!!

There is a lot of talk going around about that crazy, riskful, yet too entertaining to watch wildcat offense. Of course the Miami Dolphins brought in Pat White showing they have no thoughts of ditching the formation, which I think is half the reason they made the playoffs, confusing the hell out of the opposing defense.

Now, my beloved Tennessee Titans are wondering what wildcat can do for them.  Now first of all, before I go on, I am still a VERY BIG BELIEVER IN VINCE YOUNG!  We have a little situation goin on the Ville that I'm prety sure everybody is familiar with so I won't go in detail on that whole Young situation...BUT... this is a perfect idea.  Jeff Fischer... one of the smartest coaches of my time has agreat idea. Kerry Collins, Vince Young, and Chris Johnson running the wildcat sounds VERY good to me. I've watched EVERY game Vince Young has played in his career, which actually isn't that bad besides injury, and getting him playing time and keeping Kerry in, sounds like a 1-2 QB Punch to add to our already 1-2 RB Punch. Why do I think this will work???

1) This gives much opportunity to get Chris Johnson the ball in the open field, and last year it was funnier than a comedy club watching defenses...INCLUDING PITTSBURGH AND BALTIMORE... TRY to catch my boy, until the Ravens and Refs pulled that B.S. in the playoffs.

2) Gives Vince Young a chance to get back on the field, and use that incredible running skill that SINGLE HANDEDLY whooped USC's California a$$, and got him to Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl Appearance.

3) Allows Kerry Collins to be apart of the passing game which has been upgraded in the off-season, complimenting Justin Gage w/ Nate Washington and Kenny Britt. Kerry already looked way better than I thought he ever would be in Baby Blue, with these additions, I believe he will not lose his swag.

4) Jeff Fischer is a genius and I trust, and so does his players, EVERY call he makes! I've never witnessed a more clutch crazy decisions coach.  He can shock everybody, including myself sitting at Hooters in November with a 10-0 record!!! (Damn you Favre!)

So I guess I'll leave my 1st article at that...and since it is our anniversary year of the AFL... I guess I'll pull a good ol "LUV YA BLUE" for good ol' times... GO TITANS