Virtual Football Season Is Upon Us: Just What Is A Gamer To Do?

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

It’s that time of year.  It’s time for EA Sports to roll out their annual football duo—NCAA and Madden.  But I really can’t decide what to do.  I’m tired of being disappointed by one, or both of these titles.  Don’t get me wrong, I love video football, but it seems that over the last few years EA has come up just a bit short on the football gaming front.

Last season NCAA ’09 did offer up the new (for EA) online dynasty feature.  Kudos to EA.   They finally stepped up. 

Gamers had been clamoring for this for years.  Finally it came to pass and was actually a very nice addition.  I participated in an on line dynasty with some friends and it was very enjoyable.  Other than that it was pretty much the same game as previous versions.

This season NCAA ’10 offers up some new innovations.  I can’t wait to see the marching bands, the windsocks, the EA logo on the nets.  C’mon!!!!  And how about that Season Showdown mode—earth shattering stuff?

EA did come out with an innovative create-a-school feature.  You can go on line and create your own school prior to taking it into the game.  I do like the sound of this. Wait a minute!  This has been done before, hasn’t it?  I understand you can take your created school into your on line dynasty, yes, that is new.  You customize each player on your create-a-school roster.  This is nice.  It is time consuming, but it is worth your while if you want every player on your team to be done correctly.

But has the game play improved enough for me to shell out another $60 to EA for this year’s NCAA version?  I’m hedging my bets on this one.  I’ve been fooled enough to take a serious “wait and see” attitude this time.

What about Madden ’10?  Is it improved?  Forums boards are buzzing over pro-tak.  Is it enough to finally push Madden into the next-gen status football gamers have been waiting for?

What is pro-tak?  In a nutshell it takes gang tackling to another level that we haven’t seen to this point in a video game (or so they want us to believe).  The videos EA has shown look good.  Whether you see a big group surrounding a ball carrier, or you see one guy moving a pile of defenders, it is different.   Is it different enough to make you go out and say this is a must buy this year?  I don’t know.

As for me I still enjoy 2K’s All-Pro Football 2K8.  I believe the game play is very solid.  I like the graphics.  The customization keeps me coming back for more.  I have played in many different leagues here with many different types of teams.  I have used college teams, current teams, teams from different eras.  The options are limitless. 

What do I do this year as the new football games come out?  I am still undecided.  At this point I’m pretty sure I’m gonna wait and see on the NCAA offering.  I simply don’t believe EA has added enough to warrant a purchase on release day.  As for Madden, I am leaning in that direction.  I think the developers have taken steps to upgrade their Madden product.

My next question is whether to go with Madden for the PS3 or the Xbox 360.  There is always a new dilemma.

Until then I will continue to look for online gamers playing some sim 2K8.  I hope I can catch YOU on line for a good battle.

Please add your two cents.  I’d love to hear from you and what you will be doing this year.

VSN - Tyrd Ferguson