Josh Lindblom Makes his Triple-A Debut

Evan ChavezContributor IJuly 3, 2009

ALBUQUERQUE, NM ? JUNE 13: A giant concrete baseball sits at the entrance of Isotope Park for the All-American Baseball Game on June 13, 2005 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The All-American Baseball Game is presented by PlayStation and features the nation?s top prep baseball players in an annual East versus West showdown. This year?s game featured four 1st Round draft picks from the 2005 Major League Baseball Draft. SportsLink, Inc. founded and produces the All-American Baseball Game. (Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images)

Photo Credit: Evan S. Chavez -- Josh Lindblom warming up at Isotopes Park


I got to Isotopes Park today after a hard day's work and was ready to watch the second of a three-game series against the Memphis Redbirds. I made the usual rounds, talking to people I know around the park. I was regretting being lazy yesterday, because from what I heard, I had missed a great game.

I finally got back to my seat and looked to see who was warming up. I expected to see Eric Stults warming up because I had heard he was going to start for the Isotopes this week. I looked and there was this big pitcher, No. 45, long-tossing with A. J. Ellis. I figured out it was Josh Lindblom.

Baseball America rates Lindblom as the No. 4 prospect in the Dodgers' organization. He is a big boy. They have him listed at 6'5" and 240, and he looks it.
Josh was a second-round pick by the Dodgers in 2008. He signed for a $663,000 bonus. Josh was originally drafted by the Astros in 2005, but he elected to go to college at Tennessee and then he transferred to Purdue. Josh became a closer at Purdue.
Lindblom looked good tonight. He pitched six innings, gave up three hits and one earned run, and struck out four. He had great control, and looked very confident on the mound. When I watched him warm up, he looked very focused.
Lindblom threw 55 strikes of his 89 pitches. I was impressed when he got into two separate jams of runners on second and third. He pitched his way out of it each time. He didn't get rattled.
Josh is a must see for Dodgers' fans in Albuquerque. I really enjoyed watching him tonight.
I was sitting in my seat at Isotopes Park looking at the Isotopes lineup and realized this Triple-A team is loaded with prospects like Hoffman, DeWitt, Ellis, Abreu and Hu. Then you see Scott Elbert walking to the dugout. That just blows my mind.
These are players I would read about in connection with the big club, and I can't believe I am watching them grow here in Albuquerque. Thank you to the Dodgers' organization for bringing the farm back to Albuquerque.